ZERO Tuition Due Policy…
(No Tuition is Due until you Start Making $20 an hour or more)

Here at Digital Advocates, we do not charge our students tuition until our students start earning $20 an hour or more. Our ZERO Tuition Due policy was created to prevent unsustainable debt and to align the goals between us and our students. We truly are your Success Partners!

Here are the key features of our ZERO Tuition Due Program:

  • Minimum income threshold:  If you are accepted into our “1-Year Master Certification Program”, your payment threshold is set at $20 an Hour. This means you do not have to pay your monthly tuition fee until you start earning a minimum of $20 an hour!

  • Deferment period: If a student’s income falls below the minimum threshold, your account is considered to be in a deferment status, which means that you do not have to make any payments during this time.  Please note that during the “Deferment Period” the remaining number of monthly payments remain the same.

  • Monthly Tuition Fee: $347 a month for 36 months

Registration Deadline for our Upcoming Certification Program is Next Week.