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If you recently lost your job and want to land a job you love, let alone a 6-figure job, then the chances of you getting an  offer using just your resume and online job boards are extremely low.

Relying on passive and outdated job search tactics to ATTRACT quality interviews, will leave you left feeling frustrated and rejected.

“According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, it takes the average person an average of 6-months to land a job.”

After helping over 15,000 people in different industries from all over the world, we can tell you there truly IS a PROVEN process to land a job you love and consistently and predictable ascend to the top of your field in a fraction of the time.

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First, we help you [CREATE] a “strategic gameplan” to identify WHAT skills and experience you have or can quickly develop that will bring value to a company, WHO you need to connect with at the companies to expedite the hiring process and WHERE to connect with them.

Then we’ll show you how to optimize your Resume and LinkedIN profile to help you stand out from other applicants and attract companies to you.

And best of all, thanks to worksheets, the step-by-step nature of our training, along with the help from the our community of Career Development Specialists, you’ll be able to implement the modern tactics and strategies the right way, the first time.

Saving you both time and money.

From there we help you quickly and easily [BUILD]  a “Consultive Interview Platform” and introduce you the Consultative Interview Process where you will work with companies to uncover job opportunities not listed on ANY job boards, which means less competition.

This is what people refer to as the Hidden Job Market. It’s HOW top level executives, ambitious professionals and tech savvy millennials land 6 figure jobs they LOVE.

They don’t rely on job boards and neither should you.

Third, we’ll help you setup a “Perpetual Networking System” to [CONNECT] to decision makers and influencers, which is our HIGHEST priority. And the fastest and easiest way to do this is by using LinkedIn, which is the largest Professional Social Media Network on the planet, with over 640 million active users.

We’ll show you systematically build and nurture authentic relationships with hundreds of decision makers and influencers in a matter of days and start getting a stream of interviews in as little as 6-weeks…even if you don’t have a single person in your network today.

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Let us show you how to [AUTOMATE] your networking process while building authentic relationship with HUNDREDS of decision makers and influencers at companies WITH career opportunities you want…in LESS than 30-minutes a day!

Leverage today’s technology to save you time, while keeping your communication warm and personal.

We’ll help you use best practices for sending 1-to-1 personalized messages…by the hundreds!

These emails will look like you personally wrote each email. And because of that, your emails get opened. Hiring managers and business owners will never know that you’re using our automation software to send hundreds of these messages every day…with just a click of a button.

What would normally take you 80-100  hours a month now just takes a few minutes.

Our clients using this email strategy, in addition to the rest of the system,  are able to get 3X the interviews and job offers 2x FASTER!


  • Less than 10% of your email recipients will respond to your initial email
  • Increase your response rate by 35% just by sending 1 follow-up email
  • Maximize your response rate by up to 95%  when you send up to 4 follow-up emails.

Save Time & Money Using our DONE-FOR-YOU-TEMPLATES

At the core of Digital Advocates lies an ever-growing repository of done-for-you templates and “cheat sheets” that cut out 95% of the time and frustration related to virtually every aspect of the modern day job hunting and career development.  Watch, complete and repeat!


Over 15,000 professionals from virtually every industry, location and experience level have used this 3-step system to launch and grow successful careers with less frustration or tech overwhelm…

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I created [Digital Advocates] to take you through a process that took me YEARS to create, in a just matter of weeks.

This program is so much more than just landing your dream job.

It’s about being a parent who can provide for your family, or a person who wants to makes positive change in the world (and inspiring others to do the same).

It’s about becoming the successful, empowered, confident person you know you were meant to be.

Here’s the deal: confidence comes from knowledge and experience.

Every day I see highly competent people lose confidence in themselves because they don’t know how thrive in today’s job market.

I’m here to help you fix that.