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Are you Getting Frustrated with the Job Hunt? You’re Not Alone…

Inbox is filled with rejection emails from companies you applied to

Not getting callbacks after initial phone interviews

Getting job offers that would require you to take 25% pay cut

Wasted THOUSANDS on a professional resume writers

Been on the job hunt for awhile and savings is almost depleted

You’ve been on the job hunt and now your savings is almost gone

It’s not your fault…

Since the COVID-19 Pandemic over 50,000,000 people have lost their jobs and according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics it can take between 6 to 9 months to land a job. What makes matters worse is that Hiring Managers are exploiting job boards to find the most qualified person who is willing to work for the least amount of money.

The Good News? Recruiters are Here to Help You on the Job Hunt…

Access Exclusive Job Opportunities with Few Competitors

Reduce the time it takes to land a job by as much as 75%

Get a 25% higher pay rate without having to negotiate

What is a Recruiter?

Recruiters works with companies to create premium job opportunities that bring value to the organization. We then conduct a search to find most qualified candidates to fill the position. We’re basically like a matchmaker ❤️

Start Getting a Stream of Premium Job Offers...WITHOUT Relying on Resumes and Job Boards

The Modern Job Hunt™ is an exclusive suite of resources for job seekers who have recently been laid-off, that want to see MASSIVE success landing more interviews and better job offers…EVEN in the wake of a global pandemic


“I applied for a job at 8:39 am and got a call back for an interview at 9:06 am (27 minutes later!)

~Rebecca S. ( San Francisco, California )

What You’ll Learn…

  • How to ensure you have the proper Market Alignment to land a job you love and maximize your earning potential in the wake of a global pandemic.
  • How to identify a High-Value Skill Set that you have or can quickly develop in 30-days or less that employers are ACTIVELY searching for right now.
  • How to amplify the perceived value of your High-Value Skill Set by quantifying the results you can deliver so employers understand how you will bring value to their organization. 
  • Branding Strategies that will allow you to position yourself in any market to get higher paying job offers EVEN IF you’re a recent graduate or transitioning into a new field.
  • 3 ways to harness the power of leverage that will allow you to increase your earnings by a MINIMUM of 35% a year and accelerate your career growth 10X faster. 

What We’ll Create Together…

  • “Keyword Optimized” Resume to GET NOTICED by Recruiters on Job Boards
    Get your resume through the Job Boards “Applicant Tracking System” by creating a “Keyword Optimized” Resume in 15-minutes or less.
  • “Mission-Based” Cover Letter to STAND OUT to Recruiters
    Stand out from 97% of your competitors by creating a cover letter that aligns with a companies values while amplifying the skills & experience on your resume.
  • “Value-Centric” Linkedin Profile to ATTRACT Recruiters
    Boost your authority and increase your value to ATTRACT recruiters with premium job opportunities you won’t find on any job boards.
  • “Targeted Outreach” Campaign to CONNECT with Recruiters
    Connect with up to 100 recruiters in as little as 1-week by launching a”Targeted Outreach” campaign via Linkedin that you can implement in just 30-minutes a day.
  • “Behavioral Q&A” Playbook to INTERVIEW with Recruiters
    Increase your chances to land a job by 300% by using a simple 3-step framework to answer the top 15 Behavioral Questions asked by recruiters during an interview.


“I managed to get a lengthy application completed in a day and I now have an interview for that role. I’m now also being paired up with jobs on LinkedIn that are much better suited to me. I am amazed at how much of a difference the Modern Job Hunt training has made.

~Elizabeth R. (New York, New York)


“Hi Michelle. Just wanted to thank you for your assistance. Somehow I stumbled across you on LinkedIn and your advice was immeasurably helpful. I start my new job on Monday and I’m super excited about the opportunity. I have recommended you to others. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction and good luck in all you do”

~Ellen Sanchez. ( Los Angeles, California )

Today’s job market is like a treacherous mountain with new challenges to face and pitfalls to avoid…


Our Modern Job Hunt Masterclass in unlike anything you’ve experienced. It’s is a group coaching program designed to taek ou step-by-step using insights, strategies, and tools used by the top recruiters in the world to help ambitious professionals land a job they love and ascend to the top of their field in a FRACTION of the time. 


Digital Advocate’s Proven Framework used by top recruiters that will allow you to work with companies to uncover or CREATE premium job offers anytime you need a raise or promotion.


We’ve developed over  20+ proprietary tools, frameworks, and playbooks that have been designed to take the guesswork out of the modern job hunt and help you get results.



In addition to our Proven Framework and proprietary tools, you get access to all of our up-to-date training covering modern job hunt methods, advanced career development strategies, job market conditions, and more…


“Thank you, Michelle! Your career resources really helped me in my quest to find my dream job! My biggest accomplishment is finding a career path that started with a great salary that paid almost 3 times what I was making before!!

~Elaine R. ( Maimi, Florida )


I have a big interview coming up this week, one that I really wanted! Absolutely would not have gotten it without Michelle and her team of coaches!”

~Jerri C. ( San Diego, California )

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