You’re Strategy Session Has Been Schedule

You are now scheduled to meet with one of our Certified Career Development Specialist to help you quickly transition back into the workforce using modern job hunting and career development strategies.

During our Strategy Session you will Learn How to:

  • REDUCE the Time it Takes to Land a Job by 50% or More!

  • WHY Using Online Job Boards is the #1 Mistake to AVOID

  • Get 3X the Interviews and Job Offers WITHOUT Relying on Resumes and Online Job Boards

  • Create a Strategic Gameplan to Accelerate your Career Growth

Next Steps

  • Check you Email for Instructions to Attend your Strategy¬†Session

  • If you haven’t done so already, please watch this 4-Minute video below to “Understand Today’s Job Market” and why outdated job hunting and career development strategies DO NOT work. “

Registration Deadline for our Upcoming Certification Program is Next Week.