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As the number of recruiting sources increases and evolves, recruiting has become more complex. As a result fewer placements are made, which ultimately means…less money.  However, when you split the responsibilities up so that one recruiter creates the job, while another recruiter sources qualified candidates, they can each fill 10X more job orders in a FRACTION of the time! This has been the secret to Digital Advocates, where our Certified Recruiting Partners divide their responsibilities and spit their fees…to make more money.  

How Does it Work?

The recruiter that works with companies to create a job order is referred to as the “ORIGINATOR”, while the recruiter that sources the qualified candidate to fill the job order is referred to as the “SCOUT”.

Once the “ORIGINATOR” places the candidate supplied to them by the “SCOUT” and Digital Advocates receives the fee from the Company as per the agreement, we will split the net recruiting fee 50/50 between the recruiters.

Why Would I Split my Fees?

To make 3 times more money, by doing half the work. Good enough answer?

The average recruiter is able to fill 1 job order every 6-weeks and get paid $15,000 for making the placement. 

Let’s Break it Down

  • It will take you approximately 2-weeks to network with companies to create a job order.
  • Then you have to change your networking strategy to source 100 qualified candidate that can do the work.
  • Next, you’re going to spend the next 3-4 weeks interviewing your shortlist of 12-15 to find the perfect candidate.
  • Then once you make your placement, you repeat the process all over again. 

However, we have found that when recruiters focus their efforts on just “Originating” job orders or “Scouting” for qualified candidates you are able to streamline your process and place 4 to 5 candidates a month!

Let’s Do the Math…

If the average recruiter, gets paid $15,000 to place 1 candidate every 6-weeks, they would make between 8-9 placements a year earning between $120,000 to $135,000.

Now, if you split your fee and only focus on originating job orders OR scouting candidates you would earn $7,500 per placement and place 4-5 candidates every 30-days. So in just one year, you’ll be able to make 48-60 placements a year earning between $300,000 to $450,000 a year.

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What our Partners are Saying…


“I submitted a job order into the system and had a qualified candidate within just a few minutes. Interviewed and hired them the next day!”

~Ellen Sanchez. ( Los Angeles, California )


“I’ve been involved with Digital Advocates now for almost 2-years now. I used to place an average of 1 candidate a month, where I received 100% of the recruiting fee. I was skeptical at first about splitting my fee, but just in the past 12 months I made 57 placements and had my biggest year ever!”

~Rebecca S. ( San Francisco, California )


I joined Digital Advocates in June 2020 after my friend, who was also a member, referred me because there was a hiring freeze in my industry. Being able to source candidates for other recruiters has allowed me to thrive during these uncertain times. Thank you Digital Advocates!! “

~Jerri C. ( San Diego, California )

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