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Outplacement Scholarship

You are currently eligible for our Outplacement Scholarship Program.

This is for our clients who are currently working with our team to create or modify their severance agreement with their previous employer. Because it can take up to 6 to 8 weeks for your previous employer to finalize the agreement to cover your outplacement services, you can begin working with our team now.

Dedicated Career Development Specialist
Access our Modern Job Hunt Masterclass
Strategy Session to create
Basecamp Training Series

Must Agree to the Following terms and conditions.

  • I am a U.S. citizen or Permanent Resident
  • I do not have an open or pending lawsuit against your previous employer
  • Must be agree to a general release of liability clause to be included
  • Must agree to a Non-Disparagement Clause to be included in the new or modified severance agreement
  • Must agree to list Digital Advocates as your Outplacement Service provider.
  • Clients will be responsible to cover month administration of a $30 a month until severance agreement with previous employer has been finalized.

Once severance agreement has been finalized and your previous employer has paid for you severance agreement, you will be reimbursed the monthly administration fee.

If you

Our Digital Bootcamp is a 6-week program that can be completed in just 1-hour a day and is a prerequisite before you can officially start the 1-Year “Earn-While-You-Learn” Master Certification Program.

It’s required to ensure everyone is able to hit the ground running when they start the 1-Year Apprenticeship Program. This ensures that everyone understands basic industry terms, challenges of today’s job market,  career development process vs. cycle, working with hiring partners and the proper etiquette when working with clients.

“For someone without no experience in this field, this is the PERFECT  introduction into the exciting world of recruiting and career development”

The “Digital Bootcamp” is a Great Way for Participants to:

  • Qualify to meet the minimum performance standards for our 1-Year “Earn-While-You-Learn” Apprenticeship Program.
  • Start working with actual clients remotely to familiarize yourself with the technologies used.
  • Understand why people are struggling in today’s job market and they key shifts required to succeed.
  • Use our Proven 5-Step Framework to help clients get a stream of premium job offers without relying on resumes, online applications or recruiters.
  • Go through each of our Turnkey Tools used to guide and direct clients to help clients to stand out and ascend to the top of their field fast.
  • How to take a client on a “90-Day Expedition” to create consistent and predictable growth in any field.

Once you successfully complete our Digital Bootcamp and able to demonstrate the minimum performance requirements needed, you will be able to start our “Earn while you Learn” Master Certification Program and officially launch your career as a Career Development Specialist working with one of our Workforce Development Partners with a starting pay rate of $15 an hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Workforce Development Partner?2018-11-28T20:31:54+00:00

Our Workforce Development Partners are nonprofit organizations that work with vulnerable men and women in need of assistance with their career development.

Clients typically include:

  • Victims of Domestic Violence
  • Survivors of Human Trafficking
  • Disabled American Veterans
  • People experiencing Homelessness
  • People on various welfare programs for an extended period of time
  • Men and women who have been unemployed for 6-months or longer
  • People living in “At-Risk” communities
Will I get paid?2018-11-28T19:29:30+00:00

Students are not paid during the Digital Bootcamp stage. Upon completion, you will be guaranteed placement into our 1-year “Earn While You Learn” Master Certification Program.

What equipment & services do I need to have to participate?2018-11-28T20:14:58+00:00

To participate in our “Digital Bootcamp” and our “1-Year Master Certification Program” you will be required to have the following:

  • Desktop or Laptop computer
  • Webcam
  • Headset w/microphone
  • High-Speed Internet Access
Will I have to travel for work?2018-11-28T19:31:17+00:00

No travel will be required while you attend our “Digital Bootcamp” or our “1-Year Master Certification Program”. As a Career Development Specialist you will be able to work “Remotely”.

Is placement guaranteed when I complete the “Digital Bootcamp”?2018-11-28T19:32:32+00:00

YES! When you successfully complete our 6-week “Digital Bootcamp”, you are guaranteed placement into our “1-Year Master Certification Program” with a Starting Pay Rate of $15 an Hour.  If for any reason, you do not get accepted, we will refund your registration fee.

Do we need to purchase specialized software?2018-12-18T01:04:04+00:00

No. All the software used will be provided to you while attending the “Digital Bootcamp” and our “1-Year Master Certification Program”.

Is the “Digital Bootcamp” just online training?2018-11-28T20:12:55+00:00

Yes. The “Digital Bootcamp” is 100% online training. We use a combination of pre-recorded videos, live group sessions and 1-on-1 training.

How long is the “Digital Bootcamp”?2018-11-28T20:09:34+00:00

The “Digital Bootcamp” is a 6-Week prep-course, designed to be completed at your own pace within 1-2 hours a day.  If it takes longer to complete, it’s okay. You are Guaranteed Placement into our 1-Year “Earn-While-You-Learn” Master Certification Program regardless how long it takes for you to complete.

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Registration Deadline for our Upcoming Certification Program is Next Week.

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