Our Unique Approach

Our community of Career Development Specialist here at Digital Advocates, work with vulnerable and at-risk clients that need to re-enter the workforce to provide for themselves and their families. They have obstacles and challenges to overcome. Some have little to no education or work experience. Some are facing or have faced traumatic life events. Other’s live in the worst conditions imaginable.

You can’t simply give these people a laundry list of tasks to complete and expect them to launch a successful career and move onto the next client. These people need someone that is willing to take the time to get to know them without passing judgement. Someone that understands their challenges and can help overcome them. Someone that is willing to invest the time to guide and direct them by giving them an actual plan and helping them work through it.

Most people think that in order to help people launch and grow a successful career, you just need to to help them develop the right skills, create a professional resume, show them how to network with the right people or learn how to master the interview process.

Helping people in these areas are important, but the key to transforming lives is actually through habit change.

Many of the clients you will be working with struggle with self doubt and bad habits developed over years that have kept them from living the life that they and their family deserve.

The truth is, most people already know what they need to “do” to be successful, that’s not really the problem. The problem is they just don’t do it.

We are all creatures of habit. 95 percent of our behavior occurs out of habit, either consciously or in reaction to an external condition, such as the people in our lives or our environment.

Since we are creatures of habit, if you can change someone’s habits then you can essentially change their life.

So what is a habit?

A habit is basically just a series of little rituals that we do every day. Like washing your face and brushing your teeth when you wake up in the morning.

…or automatically turning on the TV to binge watch Game of Thrones for a few hours after you get home from work.

…or instantly jumping on your phone anytime you see or hear a notification to make sure you’re not missing out on the latest cat video or the latest thought that passed through your friend’s head.

We all have habits. And the thing about habits is some can help you, while others can hurt you… and some can even kill you.

As a Career Development Specialist, you will be helping your clients by incorporating little habits into their day-to-day lives that will essentially put their career development on autopilot.

So our approach is two fold. First, we teach our Career Development Specialists to become masters of habit change AND to deliver the most cutting edge career development strategies, skills and tools available to empower the most vulnerable of clients.