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[ATTENTION] Have you Recently lost your job or unhappy with the job you have?

…and get paid what they DESERVE!

…and get paid what they DESERVE!

Program Description:
Our outplacement scholarship program is for anyone who was recently laid-off  and was not offered a severance package by their previous employer. If you meet our Eligibility Requirements and agree to our Terms & Conditions, our team of specialists will work with your previous employer to negotiate and create a fair severance package, which may take between a few weeks or months to finalize.

As we finalize your severance agreement, participants can receive up to a $3,000 Scholarship for outplacement services to avoid any unnecessary delays with career transition. This will allow eligible participants to work with our Executive Recruiters and Career Development Specialist who will take you through our [Client Success Plan]  to help you get a stream of 3 to 5 premium interviews and job offers in as little as 30-days by using the modern job hunt method and advanced strategies.

What we’ll Create Together…

If you meet our Eligibility Requirements  our team of specialists negotiate and create Fair Severance Package with their previous employer to REDUCE the level of stress and time it takes to make their career transition.

Our team of specialists will work with your previous employer to negotiate:

  • Severance Pay which is typically equal to 2-weeks pay for every year worked
  • Paid Time Off or Vacation Pay owed to you if any
  • Extended Health Care Benefits at No Cost or a Reduced Cost
  • Letter of Recommendation from your previous supervisor
  • 1-Year of Outplacement Services

Use the Modern Job Hunt method and Advanced Strategies to REDUCE the time it takes to Land a Job by as much as 75%…

It’s undeniable: If you’ve been laid-off, using traditional job hunting methods such as online job boards and Executive Recruiters can cost you tens of THOUSANDS of dollars.

Today’s job market is a treacherous mountain with hazards and pitfall to avoid that you can’t use a corporate ladder to climb. Our team of Executive Recruiters and Career Development Specialists will to take through our [Client Success Plan] that will empower you to Land a Job you LOVE, get paid what you’re WORTH.

What You’ll Learn…

Everything starts with our Modern Job Hunt Masterclass where Michelle will:

  • Give you a 30,000 ft view of today’s job market to understand 3 Problems ALL Job Hunters face that’s Killing their chances to succeed.
  • Discover an easy to follow 5-step method that allows you the “ethically” steal premium job offers from your competitors ANYTIME you need a job, raise or promotion.
  • Use an interview technique that allows you to get job offers during your initial phone interview in as little as 45-minutes!
  • How to get employers to give you a Sign-On Bonuses up to 25% of your 1st years salary WITHOUT having to negotiate.

What We’ll Discover…

Once you learn how to use the Modern Job Hunt Method with Michelle, you’ll schedule a [2X Strategy Session] with our Certified Career Development Specialists where we’ll help you discover:

  • Obstacles and challenges you’ve experienced with your previous employers and how to overcome them once and for all   
  • How to position you in the job market after getting Laid-Off to maximize your earning potential
  • How to systematically and predictable advance your career every 90-days and DOUBLE your income in the next 12-months.

What We’ll Accomplish Together…

By the end of your 2X Strategy Session with our Career Development Specialists you will have a personalized step-by-step trail map that will show you how to use the Modern Job Hunt method to land a job you love that pays what you’re worth in as little as 30-days, systematically and predictable advance your career every 90-days that will allow you to DOUBLE your income in 12 months!

Learn how to ATTRACT companies and uncover Unlisted Job Opportunities that pay up to 25% more!

How to Get Started

If would like to register for our “Outplacement Scholarship Program”, so we can work with your previous employer to create a fair severance package and start working with our team to help you quickly land a job you love, all you have to do is meet our eligibility requirements and agree to the Terms and Conditions listed below.


Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Must be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • You do not have a pending or active lawsuit against your previous employer.
  • You have not posted any negative reviews about the company on social media or review sites like Glassdoor
  • Your previous employer must still be actively conducting business here in the U.S.
  • You are able and available for full-time work.
  • You were not fired from your job due to gross misconduct. ( For example, drinking on the job, violence in the workplace, inappropriate behavior, poor quality of work, excessive tardiness or any illegal activity. )

Terms and Conditions

  • You must Agree to include a General release of liability clause in your severance agreement, which basically says that you will give up your rights to sue your previous employer.
  • Include a Non-Disparagement clause in your severance agreement , which will prevent you from saying anything that will hurt the reputation of your previous employer.
  • Include a Non-Solicitation clause in your severance agreement, which will prevent you from taking existing customers from your previous employer.
  • List Digital Advocates as your outplacement service provider, which your previous employer will be responsible for paying.
  • Agree to maintain a monthly admin fee of $30 a month* until we finalize your severance agreement with your previous employer.

*Once your severance agreement has been finalized and our outplacement fees has been paid for by your previous employer, 100% of the admin fees you paid will be reimbursement to you.