Modern Job Hunt [Masterclass]

In this brand new 5-Day Masterclass you’ll learn how to setup a powerful system designed to work WITH recruiters to get job offers on-demand and accelerate your career growth in a fraction of the time.

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[Masterclass Breakdown]

Day 1: Modern Job Hunt
Understanding our 5-Step Framework used to work with recruiters to get a stream of premium job offers without relying on resumes and job boards.

Day 2: Market Validation
Conduct the market research needed to quickly validate high-value skills that you have or can quickly develop that solves a known problem for companies we can easily target.

Day 3: Create a Plan
Identify the modern job hunting tools you need and how to use them to get premium job offers.

Day 4: Select a Strategy
90-minute strategy session to determine the best strategy to increase the number of job offers and maximize your earning potential in shortest time.

Day 5: Live Q&A Session
We’ll answer the top questions asked throughout the week to provide you with the clarity you need to use the strategy & tools.

Total Enrollment Value of $1,097
Enroll for 7-Days Free
Then only $97 a month