Get paid an average of $15,000 for each candidate you help land a job they LOVE!

Work on Professional Jobs from Top Clients like These


As a Certified Recruiting Partner for Digital Advocates, you will help ambitious professionals and executives ascend to the top of their field 10X faster, using modern job hunt methods and advanced career development strategies, all while building a lucrative and fun business you can truly be proud of. We provide the systems. We provide the tools. We provide the training. You consult. You coach. You facilitate. So, whether you’re an HR-professional, coach, entrepreneur. If you love helping people, then this just might be what you’ve been looking for.

How Much Do Certified Recruiters Make?

The average full-time recruiter makes $15,000 to place 1 candidate every 6-weeks and averages between 8-9 placements a year allowing you to earn between $120,000 to $135,000 using the standard recruiting process.

Standard Recruiting Process:

  • It will take you approximately 2-weeks to network with companies to create a job order.
  • Then you have to change your networking strategy to source 100 qualified candidate that can do the work.
  • Next, you’re going to spend the next 3-4 weeks interviewing your shortlist of 12-15 candidates to find the perfect candidate.
  • Then once you make your placement, you repeat the process all over again. 

Want to Earn 3X more doing Half the Work?

Here at Digital Advocates we have found that when recruiters focus their efforts on just “Originating” job order or “Scouting” for qualified candidates they are able to streamline their process and place 4 to 5 candidates a month!

Let’s Do the Math…

By just focusing on originating job orders OR scouting candidates, you will only make $7,500 per placement. However, you’re now able to place 4-5 candidates every 30-days. So in just one year, you’ll be able to make 48-60 placements a year earning between $300,000 to $450,000 a year.

Become part of the next generation of Recruiters who will ascend to the top…TOGETHER!


Here at Digital Advocates we’ve created a Proven Framework to answer the 2 fundamental questions that you (and your clients) are asking: “How do I Land a Job I LOVE that pays what I’m worth?” and… “How do I ADVANCE my career?” This proven “roadmap for success” helps you avoid menial, “lever-pulling” tasks and keeps you focused on the one thing everyone needs to succeed: GROWTH


Our Certified Recruiting Partners are only as good as the tools at their disposal. That’s why we’ve developed over 15 proprietary tools, frameworks, and playbooks to help your clients get results FAST! Whether you’re wanting to help you clients accelerate their career or transition into a new field, with tools like the Market Validation Survey, The $100,000 Pyramid, Value Identifier, and the 90-Day Expedition you can’t go wrong!


In addition to our proven frameworks and proprietary tools, you get access to our latest training on modern job hunt methods and advanced career development strategies, career insights and more…



It’s a simple, but powerful mission: We want to help DOUBLE the income of at least 100,000 vulnerable and “at-risk” clients by the year 2025. If we achieve this goal, we will add MILLIONS of jobs, and billions of dollars to the global economy.

It’s an important mission, and it’s one we’re committed to because we sincerely believe it can change the world.

But we need your help.

Our goal with the Certified Partner program is to partner with a select group of skilled agencies who understand what we do at Digital Advocates, and who can apply our resources and strategies to empower vulnerable and “at-risk” clients who desperately need it.

So if you share in this vision…if the idea of DOUBLING 10,000 small businesses appeals to you, then apply today. We’d love to meet you.