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Become a Career Development Specialist
Start getting paid to work with actual clients in as little as 6-weeks!

In our ground-breaking 1-Year “Earn-While-You-Learn” Certification Program we will teach you everything you need to know about the modern job hunt, career development process PLUS the art and science of habit change so clients get real, lasting results. What this gives you is a structure that serves clients for life.

If you’ve been looking for that one unique, well-designed educational experience that will create a total breakthrough in the quality of your personal and professional life, then it’s no accident that you find yourself here.

If you want to turn your passion for social justice into a career that transforms lives, then buckle up, because you’re about to discover a unique, life-changing education experience. With over 15,000 students from all over the world, Digital Advocates is proud to be pioneering a new generation of career coaches who are revolutionizing the career development process as we know it.

Our Unique Approach

If you’ve been looking for a way to turn your passion for social justice into a rewarding career then it’s no mistake that you are here.

We designed our 1-Year Certification Program in collaboration with 501c3 nonprofit organizations here in the U.S. that work with vulnerable and “At-Risk” clients. Our students will be able to work remotely to empower their clients to lift themselves out of poverty using our simple 5-Step Job Hunt Method and our “3-Step Career Acceleration System” known as [Career Hacking]

We’ve found that by allowing our students to apply what they learn through practical application by working with actual clients is the fastest and most effective to launch a high-impact career you’ll love!

Develop In-Demand Skills as you Help:

  • Victims of Domestic Violence

  • Survivors of Human Trafficking

  • Disabled American Veterans

  • Convicted felons recently released from prison

  • Young adults in vulnerable communities

Guaranteed Placement
Our “Digital Bootcamp”, is a prep-course designed for those with no prior experience as a Career Development Specialist by equipping them with the minimum skills and competencies needed to Guarantee Placement with one of our nonprofit training partners.

Our Digital Bootcamp is a 6-week program that can be completed in just 1-hour a day and is a prerequisite before you can start working with actual clients.

It’s required to ensure everyone is able to hit the ground running when they start working with actual clients. This ensures that everyone understands basic industry terms, challenges of today’s job market,  career development process vs. cycle and the proper etiquette when working with clients.

  • Become part of the new generation of Career Coaches who are transforming lives around the world

  • Master the modern day job hunt using LinkedIn to help clients get a stream of interviews and job offers WITHOUT relying on resumes or online job boards.

  • Take students through our PROVEN 3-Step Career Acceleration System known as [Career Hacking] to ascend to the top of their field in a fraction of the time.

  • Start working with actual clients in as little as 6-weeks with our nonprofit training partners.

Meet your Trainers

Throughout the Digital Bootcamp and once you begin our 1-Year “Earn-While-You-Learn” Master Certification Program, you will work alongside our Trainers who will guide and direct you at each stage of the program.

Why Should you Become a Career Development Specialist?

What You’ll Learn…

  • An overview of our “Earn-While-You-Learn” apprenticeship program (including a list of all the tools and assets)

  • The trends and changes driving the need for career development specialists.

  • Who this program is for ( and who it’s NOT for )

  • Next steps and your 90-DAY SUCCESS PLAN

TOTAL TIME: 11 min



Michelle Huo is the Founder and CEO of Digital Advocates.

As the founder and lead recruiter, Michelle is passionate about teaching others how to leveraging systems and processes, to empower them ascend to the top of their field in a fraction of time.

Michelle is also a Founder of Wando International, a 501c3 nonprofit organization that empowers vulnerable women all over the world, from the streets of Downtown LA, to the slums of Uganda.