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With unlimited access to career coaches + cutting-edge automation software to you can easily generate a consistent flow of 1-2 job offers a week…WITHOUT a resume or applying to job boards!

Amanda Isaacon, Career Hacker

In less than 2-weeks after working with Michelle, I was able to leave my dead-end job as a barista at a local barista to work with international aid organizations as a digital advocate and travel to places I use to only dream about.  Career Hacking truly allows anyone to transform to “create” the job they want and live the life they deserve!

Elizabeth Lozano, Digital Advocate at Wando International

“I have so many incredible stories of amazing things God has done working with Michelle and her family. I could write books. Because of Career Hacking, I now have an extended Ugandan family, The students, the mommas, the babies, the teachers…they have my heart.”

Chandra Alisa, La Quinta Christian Fellowship

After being homeless and living on the streets of Skid Row for 7-years, I was introduced to Michelle’s “Incubation Program”. I was able to develop skills and work experience that has allowed me get off the streets, launch a career I love. I’m excited to say….today I am a HOMEOWNER!

Paul Chisham, Career Hacker