Starting Pay Rate: $15 an Hour
Ending Pay Rate: $25

Before our students can officially “Launch” their new career as a “Paid” Career Development Specialist, they will be required to go through our 6-Week “Digital Bootcamp” with a Certified Performance Coach.

The “Digital Bootcamp” is the preparation stage all students are required to go through to ensure that they understand the fundamentals.

Once you are cleared by the “Certified Performance Coach to “Launch”, you will start earning $15 an hour working for our Workforce Development Partner.

Throughout the year students will have the opportunity to develop new skills and gain proficiency to will allow them to receive pay increases that will ultimately result in their Ending Pay Rate of $25 an hour.

While our program is designed to be completed in 1-year, we want to ensure our students master each of the skills required at each stage. They will not be eligible to progress until they have demonstrated proficiency and competency required.