How to Get a Job Offers “ON-DEMAND” and Accelerate your Career Growth 10X Faster by Become a “Part-Time” Recruiter

Watch the Exclusive Strategy Session with Michelle Huo to learn how you can become a “Part-Time” recruiter to 3X your income and ascend to the top of your field 10X by doing half the work…

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Ready to CREATE the Career of your Dreams? 

Are you done allowing employers to determine how much you’re worth or determine IF and when you deserve a promotion? Are you tired of living with that nagging feeling that you are meant to impact so many more people?

Because today is the day you decide to take control of your fate and CREATE the career of your dream to perfectly suit your personality, your strengths, your income goals and your lifestyle.

Finally, you can get EVERYTHING (and I mean everything) you need to launch and grow a successful 6 figure career EVEN IF you don’t have a degree and have ZERO work experience.

Career Hacking is more than just career acceleration program that will allow you to harness the power of leverage to increase your income by as much as 3X in as  little as 90-days and accelerate your career growth 10X faster…it’s a shortcut.

It’s time to become the architect of your career and life…it’s time to become a Certified Recruiter Partner!


As a Certified Recruiting Partner for Digital Advocates, you be trained how to work with companies to create job premium job offers, all while building a lucrative and fun business you can truly be proud of. We provide the systems. We provide the tools. We provide the training. You collect the recruiting fees.  So, whether you’re an HR-professional, coach, entrepreneur. If you love helping people, then this just might be what you’ve been looking for.

How Much Do Certified Recruiters Make?

The average full-time recruiter makes $15,000 to place 1 candidate every 6-weeks and averages between 8-9 placements a year allowing you to earn between $120,000 to $135,000 using the standard recruiting process.

Standard Recruiting Process:

  • It will take you approximately 2-weeks to network with companies to create a job order.
  • Then you have to change your networking strategy to source 100 qualified candidate that can do the work.
  • Next, you’re going to spend the next 3-4 weeks interviewing your shortlist of 12-15 candidates to find the perfect candidate.
  • Then once you make your placement, you repeat the process all over again. 

Want to Earn 3X more doing Half the Work?

Here at Digital Advocates we have found that when recruiters focus their efforts on just “Originating” job order or “Scouting” for qualified candidates they are able to streamline their process and place 4 to 5 candidates a month!

Let’s Do the Math…

By just focusing on originating job orders OR scouting candidates, you will only make $7,500 per placement. However, you’re now able to place 4-5 candidates every 30-days. So in just one year, you’ll be able to make 48-60 placements a year earning between $300,000 to $450,000 a year.

We’ve developed the simplest path to help you become a “Part-Time” recruiter and the proprietary systems needed for year-round, consistent growth.

There’s a lot of moving parts to becoming a recruiter and oh yeah …actually working a full-time job! It’s a lot to wrap your head around, but there’s no reason for it to be so complicated.

And definitely no reason to do it alone.  

Career Hacking is our ‘do it together’ group coaching program for ambitious professionals who want to succeed in today’s job market- the simple way.

We’ve helped 15,000 of our clients take control of their career development away for the employers and make 3X more money by leveraging the skills & experience of others.

Now, it’s your turn.



Digital Advocates created a Proven Framework used by recruiters to help you CREATE premium job offers anytime you need a raise or promotion.


A Career Hacker is only as good as the tools at their disposal. That’s why we’ve developed over  20+ proprietary tools, frameworks, and playbooks to help you get results FAST!



In addition to our Proven Framework and proprietary tools, you get access to all of our up-to-date training covering modern job hunt methods, advanced career development strategies.


As a Career Hacker you’ll be trained how to leverage our proprietary systems that will allow you to harness to power of leverage to ascend to the top of your field 10X faster while doing HALF the work!


In as little as 30-minutees, we’ll help you build your Applicant Tracking System so you can track where they are in the “job origination” or “hiring” process.


Once you have created a “job order” with your Client,  you’ll can use our Offer Management System to upload the job offers to our network of recruiters who you will split your “recruitment fee” with 50/50.


Eliminate 50-70 hours a month sending personalized follow-up emails by leveraging our proprietary Email Automation System developed in partnership with Google. *As a recruiting partner of Digital Advocates you will be provided with a corporate email address to be used with our system.

Become part of the next generation of career coaches who will change the world…


Our Basecamp Training Series is an easy to follow, 3-step system anyone can follow to set up their core 5-step framework used to work with companies to create job offers. 

    Create the foundation you need to succeed in today’s job market by identifying a Target Market with a known problem you can help solve. 
    Build your Consultative Interview Platform to attract your Target Market to uncover or create job offers.
    Set-up your Perpetual Networking System to outreach and connect with 500 companies in your Target Market each month in just 1-hour a day.

Our Digital Bootcamp is a 6-week training program to help you harness the power of leverage to accelerate your growth by 10X  Faster and eliminating 80% of the work.

  • Email Automation System
    Leverage our proprietary email automation system created with Google technology to REDUCE the time it takes to build and nurture authentic relations by 50-70 Hours a month!
  • Applicant Tracking System
    Build your very own Applicant Tracking System to manage your applicants with ease by allowing you to quickly identify what stage each of your prospects is in.
  • Offer Management System
    Leverage our enterprise-level Offer Management System to upload your job orders to our Split Fee Network to allow our community of recruiters to source candidates for you.

Together We’ll Create Jobs that will
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