“Hi ! Please enjoy our 1-Hour Orientation:
“How to Become a Highly Paid Career Development Specialist in as Little as  6-Weeks!”


Hi ! My name is Dara Rosenberg and I am honored to present our 60-Minute orientation for you to learn how to becoming a Career Development Specialist and join us in the fight to end poverty!

Be sure to have something to write with and notepad. I want you to write down every single question that comes to mind when you watch the orientation. At the end of the presentation, you will have the opportunity to chat with a member of our admissions team who will be able to answer each and every question you have.

What’s Next?

After you have watched our orientation with Dara and you’re ready to join the fight to end poverty by becoming a Career Development Specialist, all you have to do contact our admissions team by emailing them at admissions@digitaladvocates.com or click on the chat button located a the bottom of this page.