Recently Laid-Off or Fired?
Get Premium Job Offers in as Little as 30-Days

…WITHOUT Relying on Resumes, Online Job Boards or Outdated Networking Strategies

It’s undeniable: If you’ve been laid-off, using traditional job hunting methods such as online job boards and Executive Recruiters can cost you tens of THOUSANDS of dollars.

Today’s job market is a treacherous mountain with hazards and pitfall to avoid that you can’t use a corporate ladder to climb. Our team of Executive Recruiters and Career Development Specialists will to take through our [Client Success Plan] that will empower you to Land a Job you LOVE, get paid what you’re WORTH.

What You’ll Learn…

Everything starts with our Modern Job Hunt Masterclass where Michelle will:

  • Give you a 30,000 ft view of today’s job market to understand 3 Problems ALL Job Hunters face that’s Killing their chances to succeed.
  • Discover an easy to follow 5-step method that allows you the “ethically” steal premium job offers from your competitors ANYTIME you need a job, raise or promotion.
  • Use an interview technique that allows you to get job offers during your initial phone interview in as little as 45-minutes!
  • How to get employers to give you a Sign-On Bonuses up to 25% of your 1st years salary WITHOUT having to negotiate.

What We’ll Discover…

Once you learn how to use the Modern Job Hunt Method with Michelle, you’ll schedule a [2X Strategy Session] with our Certified Career Development Specialists where we’ll help you discover:

  • Obstacles and challenges you’ve experienced with your previous employers and how to overcome them once and for all   
  • How to position you in the job market after getting Laid-Off to maximize your earning potential
  • How to systematically and predictable advance your career every 90-days and DOUBLE your income in the next 12-months.

What We’ll Accomplish Together…

By the end of your 2X Strategy Session with our Career Development Specialists you will have a personalized step-by-step trail map that will show you how to use the Modern Job Hunt method to land a job you love that pays what you’re worth in as little as 30-days, systematically and predictable advance your career every 90-days that will allow you to DOUBLE your income in 12 months!

Intro to Career Hacking

After working with thousands of people from all over the world, we’ve taken all the shortcuts, strategies, and tools used over the past 10 years to create a system known as [Career Hacking].

Establishing your Basecamp: The Foundation

First, to help you get acclimated to today’s treacherous job market, we’ll help you establish the foundation you need so you don’t have to struggle to survive by setting up your Basecamp. 

We’ll show you how to:

  • Use our Market Alignment Framework BEFORE you launch your Job Hunt to Zero in on High-Value Skills you have or can quickly develop and Maximize the number job opportunities in your area.
  • Use our Market Validation Survey to guarantee the success of your Job Hunt Campaign by conducting the proper research.
  • Use our Value Identification Worksheet to Identify the Skills you need to highlight that will position you as a specialist in your field that companies will want to work with.

Want to do more than just Survive?

Now that you have established the Foundation needed to survive, join us on a 30-Day Excursion where we’ll take you a little higher up the mountain where you can THRIVE! Our team will help you [Systematize] the Modern Job Hunt method to generate a consistent and predictable steam of job offers that will give you an unfair advantage over your competition!

30-Day Excursion: The System

After working with THOUSANDS of of people over the world, we’ve taken all the shortcuts, strategies, resources and tools used over the past 10 years to create a system known as [Career Hacking] .

In as little as 30-days we’ll help you:

  • Create “The Ultimate Gameplan” that will give you the laser focus you need to land your dream job and ascend to the top of your field in a fraction of the time
  • Build a “Consultative Interview Platform” to ATTRACT the companies you’ve targeted with Premium Job Opportunities you are uniquely qualified to do.
  • Setup your “Perpetual Networking System to build and nurture authentic relationships with the decision makers at companies you’ve target.

Ready to Conquer this Treacherous Mountain?

Once you’ve landed a job you LOVE that pays what you’re worth, our Career Development Specialists will you CONQUER this treacherous mountain by helping you systematically and predictably ascend to the top of your field in a fraction of the time.

90-Day Expeditions: The Ascension

Once you land your dream job, our Career Development Specialists will continue to work to help you via Group and 1-on-1 conferences to:

  • Identify a NEW 90-day goal that will help you increase your income or advance your career.
  • Identify the best STRATEGY to use that will make the greatest impact in the shortest amount of time
  • Identify the ACTION STEPS required to accomplish the goal and help you establish the daily and weekly habits needed.

AND…We’ll Show you How to Leverage our Proprietary Software [The Accelerator] that Takes all the Heavy Lifting Off Your Shoulders…

Let us show you how to [AUTOMATE] your professional networking process in such a way that you can build authentic relationships with HUNDREDS of decision makers at companies you admire WITH career opportunities you want…in LESS than 30-minutes a day!

Leverage today’s technology to save you time, while keeping your communication warm and personal.

Your dedicated performance coach will help you apply best practices for sending 1-to-1 personalized messages…by the hundreds!

We’ve created an easy-to-use, but powerful email delivery platform, powered by Google. And because of that, your emails get opened. Hiring managers and business owners will never know that you’re using our automation software to send hundreds of these messages every day…with just a click of a button.

What would normally take you 30-40 hours a month now just takes a few minutes.

Our clients who utilize this email strategy, in addition to the rest of the system, generate a flood of interviews and job offers.


  • Less than 10% of your email recipients will respond to your initial email
  • Increase your response rate by 35% just by sending 1 follow-up email
  • Maximize your response rate by up to 95% when you send up to 4 follow-up emails.