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What if, Instead of Getting Paid to Work…you Could Get Paid for the work “OTHERS”?!

It sounds crazy, but that’s exactly what “Recruiters” (a.k.a. Headhunters) do.

And once you completed Digital Advocates Certified Recruiting Partner Program, you too will be able to leverage the skills & experience of others to launch & grow a successful career as a recruiter by helping ambitious professionals ascend to the top of their field for FREE…while getting paid over a hundred dollars an hour!

Did you catch that?

You get to help professionals in any field land their dream job WITHOUT having to charge them a dime…while getting paid a lot of money!

How does that work?

You see, companies are the ones that actually pay recruiters to help them create job offers AND find highly qualified candidates to fill the positions. In fact, they pay them alot of money.

Depending on the job opportunity, companies will pay a recruiter between 10% to 30% of the first years salary once the candidate has been on the job for at least 90-days.

So if you are recruiting a candidate for a job that pays $100,000, a company will pay between $10,000-$30,000. 

Why There Has Never Been a Better Time to Become a Recruiter…

In the wake of a global pandemic, companies are now facing a labor shortage and don’t have the time our resources to waste sorting through the thousands of resumes submitted via job boards and dread the thought of spending hundreds of hours screening potential candidates via a series of interviews…just to find the 1 qualified candidate to fill a position.

Employers are desperate and need certified recruiters to help them find highly qualified candidates NOW!

So, whether you’re looking to launch and grow new career or just looking for a part-time gig, it’s a great time to become a recruiter. Our Certified Recruiting Partner programs allows you to tap into the $450 BILLION dollar recruiting industry, which is one of the highest paid industries that doesn’t require a college degree. 

What Does it Mean to Become a Certified Recruiting Partner?
Digital Advocate’s Certification is your way to tell the world ( a.k.a. your companies and candidates) that you are familiar with modern recruiting methods AND have the practical experience to back it up. Inside, you’ll not only get proven strategies and expert-led training, but together we’ll work with companies to create a job and conduct a targeted outreach campaign to find candidates to fill the position, which is a major step in launching your career as a recruiter.


We provide the frameworks. We provide the tools. We provide the training.  


In our Modern Job Hunt Masterclass, you’ll learn how to use our 5-step framework to get REMOTE job offers in as little as 7-days

…WITHOUT relying on resumes or job boards. 


Attend our Modern Job Hunt Masterclass to learn how to: 

  • “Ethically” steal premium job opportunities ANYTIME you need a job, raise, or promotion.
  • Use an interview technique to get job offers in as little as 45-minutes during your initial phone interview
  • Get employers to give you a “Sign-On” Bonus as much as 25% of your 1st year’s salary WITHOUT having to negotiate. 

Harness the power of leverage to 3X your income in 12-months or less and ascend to the top of your field

…And REDUCE your workload by 50% or more!


Attend a Private Strategy Session to Learn How to: 

  • Avoid the #1 Mistake made by Job Hunters that are KILLING their chances to succeed. 
  • Get 6-Figure Job Offers EVEN IF you’re a recent graduate or transitioning into a new field
  • Receive a step-by-step map that will give you the clarity you need to ascend to the top of your field in a FRACTION of the time!

If you’re NEW to working remotely, there’s a lot to wrap your head around, but there’s no reason for it to be so complicated

And definitely, no reason to do it alone.  


Get UNLIMITED ACCESS to our Digital Launchpad Community to: 

  • Participate in LIVE broadcasts where we give practical advice on how to launch your career OR business remotely from home.
  • Discover the advanced career development strategies you can use to accelerate your growth.
  • Join others just like you in a community where you can collaborate and innovate together.

Today’s job market is like a treacherous mountain with new challenges to face and pitfalls to avoid…



We provide fill-in-the-blank templates, checklists, and scripts — it’s all in here. The frameworks, tools, templates, and strategies in this program will save you hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars in wasted time and money.  

We combine the step-by-step training and plug-and-play templates with an insane level of support through weekly coaching calls, personal feedback on your work, and even 1:1 calls when you reach certain milestones. You will be surrounded by remote workers from a variety of industries in our exclusive community, which just helps you level up that much faster.

The result is that you have everything you need to get a “remote” job you LOVE in as little as 7-days WITHOUT relying on resumes and job boards so you can accelerate your career 10X faster!


The “Secret Ingredient” that allows us to help our clients launch successful “online” careers each and every day like clockwork is our 3-step system. We follow these exact steps in the exact order to get the exact results we’re looking for…

Create the foundation you need to transform the skills & experience you already have into a World-Class service you can offer companies remotely from home that will INSTANTLY increase the number of job opportunities by 100X or more!

[Module 1]


Launch a successful career as a Digital Advocate by ensuring that you’re serving the right audience and solving the right problem using the skills & experience you already have in a way that fits your personal and financial goals.

Lessons Include:

  • Identify WHO your Target Market is that with job opportunities that’s in alignment with your goals.
  • Discover WHAT Problems your Target Market is experiencing and actively in search of a solution for.
  • Uncover HOW you will solve the Problem “remotely” using the skills & experience you already have

[Module 2]


Use our unique “Brand Messaging Formula” and “Value Amplifier” frameworks to define the one problem you will solve for your audience and create an irresistible offer that’s designed to stop them in their tracks and compel them to take action!

Lessons Include:

  • How to Amplify the Value of your skills by quantifying the results you can deliver.
  • Powerful messaging formula to that let’s companies know exactly how you can help in 6-seconds or less.
  • How to create “Irresistible” offers that companies can’t refuse while getting paid top dollar.

[Module 3]


Get 6-Figure job offers in as little as 45-minutes by customizing our proven one page Consultative Interview script and a simple 1-page presentation that shows your clients the exact steps they should be talking to solve their greatest problems.

Lessons Include:

  • Customize our PROVEN 6-Part Consultative Interview Script to get PREMIUM job offers…in as little as 45-Minutes!
  • Create a “Client Success Path” to show you prospective clients the exact steps you will use to solve their problems.
  • Use our $100,000 Pyramid Framework to get 6-Figure Job Offers…EVEN IF you’re a recent graduate!

Build a Consultative Interview Platform from scratch in as little as 1-hour with little or no tech experience required using FREE online tools so you can work with companies to CREATE job offers!

[Module 4]


Get a stream of 4-5 interview a week with companies with unlisted job opportunities who need your help NOW by using an “Online Application” to quickly identify companies who are a good fit for you.

Lessons Include:

  •  5 industry specific questions to ask to quickly determine if you applicants are a good fit for you.
  • How to create an “Online Application” using “Google Forms” in 5-Minutes or Less.
  • Email templates you can use invite qualified candidates to schedule an interview with you.

[Module 5]


Get companies to schedule an interview based on “your” availability while saving a MINIMUM of 20-Hours a month by setting up an Automated Scheduler to avoid the endless “back-and-forth” emails and voicemails to schedule a meeting.

Lessons Include:

  • How to setup & configure Calendly in start accepting interviews in as little as 15-Minutes!
  • How to GUARANTEE that you will be interviewing with the actual decision makers
  • (3) Email notification templates to use to maximize attendance rate.

[Module 6]


Make a good first impression by looking and sounding like a professional Digital Advocate during your consultative interviews to increase the number of high paying job offers.

Lessons Include:

  • Creating your online “Conference Room” using Zoom in 10-Minutes or Less!
  • How to integrate Zoom with Calendly to save you a MINIMUM of 10-Hours of a month.
  • Tips on how to conduct your Consultative Interview so you look and sound like a PRO!

Setup a Perpetual Networking System to generate 150 NEW connections a week for FREE in as little 1-hour a day to drive a consistent and predictable stream of prospective clients to your “Consultative Interview Platform”.

[Module 7]


Create the highly effective prospecting tools to use in your “Targeted Outreach” campaigns that will attract companies with UNLISTED job opportunities.

Lessons Include:

  • How to create a “Value-Centric” Linkedin profile to ATTRACT recruiters with unlisted job opportunities.
  • How to create a “Keyword-Optimized” resume to GET NOTICED by recruiters on job boards
  • How to create a “Results-Driven” Case Study to STANDOUT from 97% of your competitors.

[Module 8]


Connect with the actual decision maker at companies that will make getting job offers more predictable and relationships more profitable, and 75% faster than applying for opportunities using job boards .

Lessons Include:

  • How to use Linkedin’s advanced search tools instantly generate a list of your “Target Audience”
  • Step-by-step Playbook to connect with 150 “Decision Makers” a week in just 1-hour a day.
  • How to transition from Linkedin to email to build and nurture authentic relationships…FAST!

[Module 9]


Quickly build authentic relationships with your NEW connections using our Warm-Up Sequence® email templates, that will be sent over a 7-day period get them the know, like and trust you…FAST!

Lessons Include:

  • (10) Email templates that you can customize to quickly launch your Warm-up Sequence.
  • How to personalize your emails to build authentic relationships.
  • Scheduling calendar with the days and times you can should send your emails.

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