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We are Digital Advocates, a passionate group of recruiters and coaches who love helping our clients succeed. In 2009 we set out to empower vulnerable women who were victims of domestic violence and survivors of human trafficking to launch and grow successful careers remotely, and hence, Digital Advocates was born. Since Digital Advocates was created, it has continually been the leading recruiting agency in the nonprofit sector with an ever-growing client base that has now reached more than 600,000+ people from around the world!


As a Client Success Coach, you will  help vulnerable and “At-Risk” clients get premium job offers and accelerate their career growth using modern job hunt methods and career development strategies. If you’re looking to launch a rewarding career helping others during this pandemic, then this just might be the coaching career of your dreams!

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This exciting position is for someone who has deep knowledge of modern job hunting methods and career development strategies. HR experience or recruiting would be a benefit but is not required. If you enjoy work on complex problems and coming up with elegant and efficient solutions.

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This exciting position is for someone who has in-depth knowledge of Linkedin, customer support, and client relations. As a Outreach Coordinator, your primary focus is building and nurturing relationships with qualified candidates and connecting them with our Program Enrollment Team base in a professional, respectful, and friendly manner.

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