Desire To Inspire + Passion To Serve?
“The course we were seeking but couldn’t find…”

We spent 2 years researching every career coaching program we could find to train our case managers help our friends experiencing homelessness in Downtown LA’s Skid Row. It turns out there are lots of decent coaching programs out there, but in each one something was missing.

Some programs had great educational content but none of their graduates were very successful because they didn’t teach anything about business, marketing or what’s it really like to work for yourself!

We started to experiment with these elements. Our goal was to create leaders in a modality that fosters personal growth and consciousness, gets results, gives you a structure that can serve people for life, and is fun.

Become a Career + Life Coach in 6-Weeks!

Coaching is one of the most exciting, lucrative industries to be in right now..and for years to come. This isn’t something we’re making up; this is from studying industry trends and where people are most willing to invest in their personal development and well-being.

Personal development is part of a trillion dollar industry, so where exactly are people investing in themselves?

Check this out:

According to the US Department of Labor, the # of Health Coaches employed in the US is expected to grow 21% by 2022 (that’s in the next 5 years).

Over the same period, overall employment growth is projected at 10.8%. Healthcare and social assistance, the bucket that health coaches fall into, is projected to be the fastest growing source of employment in the economy.

The average salaries of Health Coaches are estimated to be in the range of $50K – $75K, with the top 10% of health coaches earning $100K and above.

What this means is that people are definitely looking for and paying for alternative ways to feel better that with the right education, you can provide.

The beauty of our program is that you will be able to start your career as a Health Coach OR a Life Coach.

Coaching—the way we teach it—works on 3 domains:

Physical well-being
Emotional well-being
Cognitive well-being

A real Life Coach is someone who brings health to all 3 domains.

You will have the tools, confidence and skills to work with clients who need you most at any stage of their career

Why Career AND Life Coaching instead of just Life Coaching?

Great question. Financial stability is the first step towards transformation. When you have financial stability, you have more to give to our clients. When your clients have financial stability, they have to ability to focus on their relationships, health, home, community, spirituality, and lifestyle design.

On the other hand, if you don’t have financial stability, you worry about being able keep food on the table for your family and a roof over their head. Worrying is exhausting and makes it really hard to make ANY changes in your life when you feel like crap or have no energy. So the first step to changing someone’s life is to help them become financially stable…through career development.

Our Career + Life Coaches are Masters of Habit Change.

Coaching, as a profession, is exploding for this very reason. Our curriculum focuses not merely on the career development process, but on the art and science of habit change because, we believe, it’s your habits that will help you transform your career, your relationships and everything else.

Here’s the bottom line: your coaching practice is a living entity. It will evolve as you evolve. You will likely work with people on many of these areas, but only if you have a CLEAR initial doorway for clients to step through.

Imagine, in just 6-weeks, you will have the structure and skills to serve clients for life.

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