Earn While you Learn to Help Small Business Owners around the World to Access the Global Market

“Launch + Grow a Successful Career as a Digital Advocate to Help Small Business Owners from Around the World to Make the Shifts Needed to Tap into the Global Marketplace and Escape Extreme Poverty.”
Michelle Huo - Wando International

The Global Marketplace is PROVEN to be the Most Effective Way to Attract Clients & Increase Sales…
(…yet over 99.8% of the small business owners only focus on their local marketplace)

Non-Profit Organizations Need Digital Advocates to Help the Millions of Small Business Owners Around the World to:

  • Create a Strategic Gameplan to Access the Global Market

  • Build a Digital Branding Platform to Tell Their Story

  • Setup a Perpetual Networking System to Connect with Joint Venture Partners

  • Leverage Automation + Outsourcing to Accelerate Growth

  • Establish Systems + Processes for Consistent and Predictable Growth

  • Guide + Direct an Army of Digital Advocates to Raise Awareness

To learn all of the strategies, skills and tools required to access the global marketplace is too complicated and evolves too fast for millions of small business owners around the world — particularly if they are also trying to run a business. This creates a HUGE opportunity for you to help them and earn a great living!

Who Needs a Digital Advocate?

Non-Profit organizations all over the world know they need someone to lead their Digital Advocacy Division and are willing to pay top dollar.  According to Yahoo! Finance, digital advocacy professionals have an earning potential of $209,755 with 12% of these pros earning more than $150,000 annually.

Even the average entry-level salary is more than $52,000 a year. That’s more than what most senior executives earn in other professions!

How Would you Like to Get Paid While Being Trained as Digital Advocate with Starting Salary around $52,000 a Year?

If you answered YES, you should consider becoming a Digital Advocate  for one of our Non-Profit Hiring Partners.

Digital Advocates work with 501c3 Non-Profit organizations to offer “Paid” Apprenticeship Programs…even if you have NO EXPERIENCE.

Develop up to 8-core skills that are needed in every Digital Advocacy Division and learn how they work together.

With our Paid Apprenticeship Programs, you will work with one of our Featured Hiring Partners and build a Digital Advocacy Division from the ground up.

You will start off as army of 1, where you will learn and apply each of the 8-Core Skills…WHILE getting paid as much as $15 an hour to start!

As you go through our  Apprenticeship Program and learn new skills, you will onboard and manage new team members to help you take some of the burden off your shoulders.

Our  Apprenticeship Programs are designed for you to learn new a skill every month. As you learn and apply the new skills, you will also receive a pay increase…essentially getting a pay raise every month!

By the end of our 1-Year Apprenticeship Program, you will have built an entire Digital Advocacy Division for our Hiring Partner and earning $25 an hour or more!