Digital Marketing is PROVEN to be the Most Effective Way to Increase Traffic and Online Engagement…

(…yet over 90% of Businesses still don’t use it and most that do, don’t use it to it’s full potential)

Digital Marketing will help businesses in multiple ways:

  • It makes it easier to create awareness and engagement.
  • Increases the number of new buyers who buy more and more frequently
  • Allows them to take advantage of word-of-mouth and social sharing…FREE Advertising

The digital marketing industry is always changing.  Strategies, tools or tactics that hot one week and dead the next.

Today, digital marketing is more than just putting up a website and creating Facebook fan page.  Digital marketing has come of age. Its fundamentals have  been established.

Digital marketing has become too complicated and evolves too fast for someone to simply pickup a book or take an online course to learn it — particularly if they are also trying to run a business.

Businesses Need Someone that Understands the Core Digital Marketing Skills and How They Work Together

There are 3 roles that must be present in every Digital Marketing Division:

  1. Digital Marketing Professional – Responsible for outreaching to and networking with target audience to raise awareness and increase engagement using Social Media Marketing, Email marketing and Community Management.
  2. Digital Marketing Manager – Responsible for creating content (blog posts, podcasts, videos, etc.) to establish authority and credibility using Blog Marketing, Copywriting and Search Engine Marketing.
  3. Digital Marketing Executive – Responsible for analyzing data collected from social media, search engines and corporate websites to maximize online performance using Data Analytics and Conversion Optimization.

When an organization’s team is non-existent, the first goal is to hire an individual who will be responsible for each of these three core roles. As the organization grows, it would eventually have an individual or team responsible each of the core skills within each role:


There are 8 core skills EVERY organization needs in order to have an effective Digital Marketing Division. Most business owners are too busy running their organization to learn a new skill. Plus, even if they wanted to establish a Digital Marketing Division, they don’t know enough about Digital Marketing to hire the right staff. This creates a HUGE opportunity for you to help them and earn a great living!

What is a Digital Advocate?

Digital Advocates are professionals who have mastered the 8-core skills needed to empower struggling professionals and business owners to thrive by leveraging 21st strategies, skills and tools to achieve their goals…FAST! 

The 8 Core Skills:

Why Should I Become a Digital Advocate?

HUNDREDS of Millions Professional and Business owners here in the U.S. are struggling to survive and know know they NEED to leverage 21st century strategies, skills and tools. The problem is that they have no idea what to do, so they continue to struggle.  This creates a HUGE opportunity for you to help them and earn a great living!

Who Needs a Digital Advocate?

Business owners all over the world know they need someone to lead their Digital Marketing Division and are willing to pay top dollar.  According to Yahoo! Finance, digital marketing professionals have an earning potential of $209,755 with 12% of these pros earning more than $150,000 annually.

Even the average entry-level salary is more than $73,000 a year. That’s more than what most senior executives earn in other professions!

How Would you Like to Get Paid While Being Trained as Digital Marketing Director with Starting Salary around $52,000 a Year?

If you answered YES, you should consider becoming a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship for one of our Hiring Partners.

Digital Advocates partners with 501c3 Non-Profit organizations to offer “Paid” Apprenticeship Programs…even if you have NO EXPERIENCE. We offer 3 apprenticeship programs:

  1.  The Digital Marketing Professional Program

You will learn each of the 8-core skills that are needed in every Digital Marketing Division and how they work together.

With our Paid Apprenticeship Programs, you will work with one of our Featured Hiring Partners and build a Digital Marketing Division from the ground up.

You will start off as army of 1, where you will learn and apply each of the 8-Core Skills…WHILE getting paid as much as $15 an hour to start!

As you go through our  Apprenticeship Program and learn new skills, you will onboard and manage new team members to help you take some of the burden off your shoulders.

Our  Apprenticeship Programs are designed for you to learn new a skill every month. As you learn and apply the new skills, you will also receive a pay increase…essentially getting a pay raise every month!

By the end of our 1-Year Apprenticeship Program, you will have built an entire Digital Marketing Division for our Hiring Partner and earning $25 an hour or more!