Become A Career Development Specialist Apprentice
Start Earning $41,760 a Year in as Little as 2-Weeks to Help Vulnerable and “At-Risk” Communities Who Lost Their Job During COVID-19

Turn your Passion for Social Justice into a Rewarding Career

  • Work with 501c3 nonprofit organizations to make an impact in the world from ANYWHERE in the world!
  • Empower vulnerable and “At-Risk” clients to lift themselves out of poverty using modern job hunt methods and advanced career development strategies
  • Create real, lasting change by helping clients master the art and science of habit change to break the cycle of poverty.

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Launch a Rewarding Career as a Career Development Specialist

“Earn up to $39,000 a year…as a student!”

Become a Career Development Specialist to empower vulnerable people to land a job they love and get paid what they deserve.  Apply to participate in our “Earn while you Learn” training programs designed with progressive wage increases as you gain skills and proficiency.

“Get Paid as You Develop High-Value Skills”

Our “Earn-While-You-Learn” Training Program is an on-the-job training program designed to move a student with little to no experience as a Career Development Specialist to full occupational proficiency by mapping the skills and knowledge that the student must learn over the course of the program with help from experienced professionals to guide them.

Students receive up to 1-2 hours of related instruction that complements on-the-job learning each week. This instruction delivers the technical and workforce competencies that apply to the students’ job. We collaborate with our Authorized Workforce Development Partners to develop the curriculum based on the skills and knowledge needed by our students.

Every graduate of our “Earn-While-You-Learn” Training Programs will receive a certificate of completion to demonstrate that they have mastered each of the cores skills required and have all the knowledge needed to be fully proficient as a Career Development Specialist.

Career Development Specialist

Hourly Pay Rate: $15-$28
Location: Remote – Anywhere
Experience Required: No
Training Available: Yes
Availability: Full & Part-Time

How Does The“Earn-While-You-Learn” Apprenticeship Program Work? 

As a Career Development Specialist Apprentice, you will work with 501c3 nonprofit organizations to help vulnerable and “At-Risk” clients get premium job offers and accelerate their career growth using modern job hunt methods and career development strategies. We provide the tools. We provide the systems. We provide the support. You consult. You coach. You facilitate.

If you’re looking to launch a rewarding career helping others, then this just might be the coaching career of your dreams!

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Facilitate workshops to help people use modern job hunting methods to get premium job offers without relying on resumes or job boards.
  • Conduct Strategy Sessions to accelerate growth using advanced career development strategies.
  • Provide clients with a personalized step-by-step plan to give them the clarity needed to implement the strategy.
  • Help clients implement the plan using our proven Systems, Frameworks, Tools

 Location: Remote (Anywhere)

Earn $41,760 a Year as an Apprentice!

Once you are accepted into our 1-Year Apprentice Program, you will begin earning $15 an Hour with progressive wage increases as you develop skills and gain proficiency as a Career Development Specialist.

Eligibility Requirements

To participate in our 1-year “Earn-While-You-Learn” Apprenticeship Program you must meet specific educational and work experience criteria at the time of enrollment. If you do not have educational or work experience required, you must successfully complete our 6-week Pre-Apprenticeship program (see Digital Bootcamp below).

What Degrees Qualify as HR-Related?

BACHELOR’S: HR-related degrees may include but are not limited to the following: BA or BS in HRM, BA or BS in Management with a concentration in HR, BA or BS in Business Administration with a concentration in HRM, Bachelor of Business Administration with an emphasis in HR, Organizational Behavior, Industrial Relations, Organizational Development, Management and Leadership.

GRADUATE: HR-related degrees may include but are not limited to the following: MA in Human Resource Management (HRM), MS in Human Resources (HR), MA or MS in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, MA in Management (MAM) with an HR concentration, MBA with a concentration in HRM, Organizational Leadership or Leadership Development with an HR concentration, Human Capital Development, Organizational Behavior, Labor Relations, Industrial Relations.


  • ASSOCIATE’S DEGREE: Applicants with less than a bachelor’s degree may have HR-related associate’s degrees that may include, but are not limited to the following: Associate—HR Specialist; Associate—Business: HR Management; Associate—HR Administration.
  • CERTIFICATE PROGRAM: Applicants with less than a bachelor’s degree may complete an HR certificate program from an accredited institution consisting of six to eight courses that cover the fundamentals of HR (i.e., Principles of HRM, Compensation & Benefits, Organizational Development, Recruitment & Selection, Employment Law, Training & Development, Employee Relations, Performance Management). A qualifying certificate program typically lasts 18 months.

No Prior Experience or Education in HR? No Problem….


Our “Digital Bootcamp”, is a prep-course designed for those with no prior education or experience in the HR field  by equipping them with the minimum skills and competencies needed to Guarantee Placement into our 1-Year Apprenticeship Program to become a Career Development Specialist.

Program Features

Our Digital Bootcamp is a 6-week program helps ensure everyone is able to hit the ground running when they start the 1-Year Apprenticeship Program.

  • Get placement with Nonprofit Partner as an intern to quickly gain practical experience
  • Learn the Modern Job Hunt Methods used get  job offers without relying on resumes and job boards.
  • Introduced to Advanced Career Development Strategies used to accelerate career growth
  • Setup Applicant Tracking System to track & review prospective candidates to manage
  • Conduct Intake Sessions to qualify prospective candidates to take under management

Weekly Performance Targets

  • 150 New Prospects
  • 30 Intake Sessions
  • 12 New Cases

Graduation Requirements

  • Meet Performance Requirements for 2 consecutive weeks
  • Have a minimum of 50 candidates under management

*$1,500 bonus is a stipend paid to interns who meet the graduation requirements to participate in our 1-year Apprenticeship Program.

Today’s job market is like a treacherous mountain with new challenges to face and pitfalls to avoid…


As a Career Development Specialist, you’ll be able leverage our core framework, proprietary tools and BEST in class training developed by the top recruiters in the world to help vulnerable and “At-Risk” people land a job they love and ascend to the top of their field in a FRACTION of the time.


Digital Advocates created a Proven Framework used by recruiters to help your clients work with companies to CREATE premium job offers anytime they need a raise or promotion.


A career development specialist is only as good as the tools at their disposal. That’s why we’ve developed over  20+ proprietary tools, frameworks, and playbooks to empower you to help your clients. All you have to do is to teach the tool, facilitate the training and guide them to the best decision.



In addition to our Proven Framework and proprietary tools, you get access to all of our up-to-date training covering modern job hunt methods, advanced career development strategies, job market conditions, and more…

Become part of the next generation of career coaches who will change the world…


Use the calendar below to schedule an interview with our Admissions Team to begin the enrollment process before next Sunday in order to participate in our upcoming 1-year “Earn-While-You-Learn” Training Program.