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Your Application has Been Submitted!

Thank you so much for applying to participate in our 1-year “Earn-While-You-Learn” Apprenticeship Program!

You’re *this* close to becoming one of our awesome Career Development Specialist; all that’s left now is for us to approve your application. Hold tight: Because of COVID-19, we get a ton of applications, so it could take up to 72-hours for a member of our Admissions Team to contact you.

In the meantime, please proceed to watch a brief 30-minute orientation to learn more about our apprenticeship program.

Next Steps

Set Aside a Full 30-Minutes to Watch our Orientation
Find a quiet place to watch the replay of our orientation where you can concentrate and be free of distractions.

Watch from a Desktop or Laptop Computer
Be sure to use your desktop or laptop computer to dramatically improve your experience. You will need to keep your hands free to write down questions and take notes. Do not attend the orientation from your mobile device.

Be Ready to Take Notes!
Be sure to have a notepad and something to write with. I want you to write down any questions that come to mind. At the end of the orientation, you’ll have the opportunity to schedule a call with our admissions team, who will be able to help answer any questions you may have.

Attend our 1-Hour Orientation to Become an Apprentice

Schedule an Interview with our Admissions Team

Launch a Rewarding Career as a Career Development Specialist

Career Development Specialist

Hourly Pay Rate: $15-$28
Role: Apprentice
Location: Remote – Anywhere
Experience Required: No
Training Available: Yes
Availability: Full & Part-Time

Turn your Passion for Social Justice into a Rewarding Career

  • Work with 501c3 nonprofit organizations to make an impact in the world from ANYWHERE in the world!
  • Empower vulnerable and “At-Risk” clients to lift themselves out of poverty using modern job hunt methods and advanced career development strategies
  • Create real, lasting change by helping clients master the art and science of habit change to break the cycle of poverty.

How Does The“Earn-While-You-Learn” Apprenticeship Program Work? 

As a Career Development Specialist Apprentice, you will work with 501c3 nonprofit organizations to help vulnerable and “At-Risk” clients get premium job offers and accelerate their career growth using modern job hunt methods and career development strategies. We provide the tools. We provide the systems. We provide the support. You consult. You coach. You facilitate. If you’re looking to launch a rewarding career helping others, then this just might be the coaching career of your dreams!

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Facilitate workshops to help people use modern job hunting methods to get premium job offers without relying on resumes or job boards.
  • Conduct Strategy Sessions to accelerate growth using advanced career development strategies.
  • Provide clients with a personalized step-by-step plan to give them the clarity needed to implement the strategy.
  • Help clients implement the plan using our proven Systems, Frameworks, Tools

 Location: Remote (Anywhere)

Earn up to $30 an hour as an Apprentice!

Once you are accepted into our 1-Year Apprentice Program, you will begin earning $15 an Hour with progressive wage increases every quarter that will allow you to earn up to $30 an hour as you develop skills and gain proficiency as a Career Development Specialist to help clients through our Client Success Plan.

Become part of the next generation of career coaches who will change the world…