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“Earn up to $39,000 a year…as a student!”

Become a Career Development Specialist to empower vulnerable people to land a job they love and get paid what they deserve.  Apply to participate in our “Earn while you Learn” training programs designed with progressive wage increases as you gain skills and proficiency.

“Get Paid as You Develop High-Value Skills”

Our “Earn-While-You-Learn” Training Program is an on-the-job training program designed to move a student with little to no experience as a Career Development Specialist to full occupational proficiency by mapping the skills and knowledge that the student must learn over the course of the program with help from experienced professionals to guide them.

Students receive up to 1-2 hours of related instruction that complements on-the-job learning each week. This instruction delivers the technical and workforce competencies that apply to the students’ job. We collaborate with our Authorized Workforce Development Partners to develop the curriculum based on the skills and knowledge needed by our students.

Every graduate of our “Earn-While-You-Learn” Training Programs will receive a certificate of completion to demonstrate that they have mastered each of the cores skills required and have all the knowledge needed to be fully proficient as a Career Development Specialist.

Modern Job Hunt [Masterclass]

First, you will learn how to take our clients through our Modern Job Hunt training where you will:

  • Give you a 30,000 ft view of today’s job market to understand why you can’t use outdated job hunting and career development strategies.
  • Help clients understand what mistakes job hunters must AVOID at all costs and the key shifts they need to make in order to survive.
  • Introduce clients to the Modern Job Hunt Method and How Millions are using it to Land their Dream Job and Get Paid What their Worth.
  • Show clients how to the “ethically” steal premium job offers from their competitors ANYTIME they need a job, raise or promotion.
  • Introduce them to an interview technique that allows them to get job offers during your initial phone interview in as little as 45-minutes!
  • Teach your clients a “secret” career hack that will get employers to give them a Sign-On Bonuses up to 25% of their 1st years salary WITHOUT having to negotiate.


90-Minute Strategy Session

Once you show your clients how to use the Modern Job Hunt Method , the next step is to schedule a Free 90-Minute Strategy session with them to:

  • Show your clients how to incorporate the Modern Job Hunt method with advanced career development strategies to Accelerate their career growth and scale their income in a fraction of the time.
  • Work with them to Create a personalized  90-Day strategic game that will make the greatest impact on their career and income growth.
  • Give them a step-by-step map with the action steps that will empower them to implement the strategy on their own.


Working with your Clients

Once you create a Strategic 90-Day Gameplan 80% of them will choose to work with you to help them implement the strategy.

  • Use our Market Alignment Framework BEFORE you clients begins their Job Hunt to Zero in on High-Value Skills you have or can quickly develop and Maximize the number job opportunities in your area.
  • Use our Market Validation Survey to guarantee the success of their Job Hunt Campaign by conducting the proper research.
  • Use our Value Identification Worksheet to Identify the Skills they need to highlight that will position them as a specialist in their field that companies will want to work with.
  • Plus, each of our clients will be able to use our proprietary automation software to take 90% of the workload of their shoulders to give them an unfair advantage over their competition

Millions are struggling to Survive and it’s not their fault…

Our well meaning friends, family and even career counselors are giving us outdated advice that may have worked over 10 years ago…But in today’s job market, that advice will only put you back in a similar position you as a commodity at a company where you’re going to be miserable. A place where you’re going to be undervalued, underappreciated and more than likely…underpaid.  


Who this Training is For

  • This training is for ANYONE who has recently lost their job and needs to quickly transition back into the workforce… FAST!
  • This is for ANYONE who is unhappy with the job they have and needs a fast way to land another one WITHOUT risking getting stuck somewhere else where you’re miserable
  • Or maybe you’re happy with the job you have, but deep down you know your not getting paid what you’re worth and want to land a job where the pay reflects how much a company values and appreciates you.

Meet your Trainers

Throughout the Digital Bootcamp and once you begin our 1-Year “Earn-While-You-Learn” Master Certification Program, you will work alongside our Trainers who will guide and direct you at each stage of the program.


What is a Workforce Development Partner?2018-11-28T20:31:54-08:00

Our Workforce Development Partners are nonprofit organizations that work with vulnerable men and women in need of assistance with their career development.

Clients typically include:

  • Victims of Domestic Violence
  • Survivors of Human Trafficking
  • Disabled American Veterans
  • People experiencing Homelessness
  • People on various welfare programs for an extended period of time
  • Men and women who have been unemployed for 6-months or longer
  • People living in “At-Risk” communities
What equipment & services do I need to have to participate?2018-11-28T20:14:58-08:00

To participate in our “Digital Bootcamp” and our “1-Year Master Certification Program” you will be required to have the following:

  • Desktop or Laptop computer
  • Webcam
  • Headset w/microphone
  • High-Speed Internet Access
How is compensation determined?2018-12-18T00:57:26-08:00

Starting Pay Rate: $15 an Hour
Ending Pay Rate: $25

Before our students can officially “Launch” their new career as a “Paid” Career Development Specialist, they will be required to go through our 6-Week “Digital Bootcamp” with a Certified Performance Coach.

The “Digital Bootcamp” is the preparation stage all students are required to go through to ensure that they understand the fundamentals.

Once you are cleared by the “Certified Performance Coach to “Launch”, you will start earning $15 an hour working for our Workforce Development Partner.

Throughout the year students will have the opportunity to develop new skills and gain proficiency to will allow them to receive pay increases that will ultimately result in their Ending Pay Rate of $25 an hour.

While our program is designed to be completed in 1-year, we want to ensure our students master each of the skills required at each stage. They will not be eligible to progress until they have demonstrated proficiency and competency required.

How is my performance measured?2018-12-18T01:03:09-08:00

At each stage of your training, there will be a performance goals that you will be required to achieve.  Our trainers will use our internal tracking systems and client responses to gauge your performance.

What are the benefits of a Certified Performance Coach?2018-12-18T01:05:43-08:00

Certified Performance Coaches are mentors who are there to guide and direct you through the Digital Bootcamp and our 1-Year Master Certification Program.

We can Guarantee Placement with our Non-Profit Hiring Partners because in addition to completing our Digital Bootcamp each student will have a dedicated Certified Performance Coach who will ensure that each student will apply best practices, in accordance to industry performance standards to ensure clients get optimum results.

Our Certified Performance Coaches allow you to start working with our Workforce Development Partners based on their experience, not yours.

Our program is structured so that throughout the year, as you rely on your Certified Performance Coaches less, your income will increase.

What happens after I complete the 1-Year Certification Program?2018-11-28T19:44:53-08:00

It’s just like any other job – where your job status lies between you and our Workforce Development Partner.

Depending on the their evaluation of you after the 12 months, there are 3 things that can happen:
1) you continue working with our Workforce Development Partner,
2) you move up the ranks to more of a leadership role, or
3) You find another organization to move on to. Ideally you would remain with our Workforce Development Partner but sometimes it’s best to move onto a different opportunity where you can earn more money.

What skills will I learn?2018-12-18T01:07:05-08:00

The Foundational Skills you will learn are:

  • Understand how to use a simple tool to identify great career opportunities your clients are uniquely qualified for.
  • Master the 21st Century career development process to succeed in today’s job market.
  • How to use our “Momentum Methodology” to create consistent and predictable growth for your clients.
  • Work with practice clients to develop the communication and coaching skills needed.
  • Understand how to work with “Hiring Partners” to create job opportunities for your clients.
How do I qualify for the 1-Year Master Certification Program?2018-11-28T22:18:55-08:00

To qualify for our 1-Year “Earn-While-You-Learn” Master Certification Program, you must meet the minimum eligibility & technical requirements and complete our Digital Bootcamp.

Eligibility & Technical Requirements:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • High School Diploma or G.E.D.
  • Desktop or Laptop Computer
  • Webcam and Microphone
  • Dedicated Internet Access
Do you earn college credits while participating in the Master Certification Program?2018-11-28T19:54:25-08:00

You can not earn college credit through our master certification program. Our program is designed to provide you all the necessary instruction you will need to become a successful Career Development Specialist.

How much can a Career Development Specialist earn?2018-11-28T19:58:28-08:00

Entry Level Career Development Specialists can earn competitive wages, a paycheck from day one and incremental raises as skill levels increase. The average wage for a fully proficient Career Development Specialist is $107,000 annually. Students who complete our 1-year master certification program earn approximately $52,000 a year to start.

Do students in the 1-Year Master Certification Program get paid?2018-11-28T20:01:46-08:00

Yes, students in our 1-year Master Certification Program are able to receive compensation once they successfully complete our 6-week “Digital Bootcamp” with incremental wage increases as they develop new skills and become more proficient. The starting wage for an apprentice is approximately $15.00 an hour with an ending pay rate of $25 an hour in months 9-12.

How does the “Earn-While-You-Earn” Program work?2018-11-28T20:03:54-08:00

Our “Earn-While-You-Learn” program is an arrangement that includes a paid-work component and an instructional component, wherein an individual obtains workplace-relevant knowledge and career development skills.

What if I don’t get a job or if the job doesn’t pay well after I complete the certification program?2018-11-28T20:06:45-08:00

With our Zero Tuition Due policy, you will never make a tuition payment while your income is below $20 an hour.

Registration Deadline for our Upcoming Certification Program is Next Week.

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