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It’s undeniable: If you’ve recently been laid-off, if you rely on using resumes, online job boards and your professional network, you’re  guaranteed lose THOUSANDS of dollars. Start working with our team of our Executive Recruiters to show you how to stop wasting your precious time relying on traditional job hunting methods and start using a clear and complete system that actually works…”

Today’s job market is a treacherous mountain with hazards and pitfall to avoid after you’ve been laid-off or fired. We’ll equip our clients with the modern strategies, skills and tools to start getting a stream of 4-5 premium Job offers in as little as 30-days WITHOUT relying on resumes, job boards or outdated networking strategies.

What you’ll Learn…
Everything starts with our Modern Job Hunt Masterclass where you will:

  • Get a 30,000 ft view of today’s job market to understand 3 Problems ALL Job Hunters face that’s Killing their chances to succeed.
  • Discover an easy to follow 5-step method that allows you the “ethically” steal premium job offers from your competitors ANYTIME you need a job, raise or promotion.
  • Use an interview technique that allows you to get job offers during your initial phone interview in as little as 45-minutes!
  • Learn how to get employers to give you a Sign-On Bonuses up to 25% of your 1st years salary WITHOUT having to negotiate.

What We’ll Discover…

Once you learn how to use the Modern Job Hunt Method, you’ll schedule a Strategy Session with our Certified Career Development Specialists where we’ll help you discover:

  • Obstacles and challenges you’ve experienced with your previous employers and how to overcome them once and for all. 

  • How to position you in the job market after getting Laid-Off to maximize your earning potential.
  • How to systematically and predictable advance your career every 90-days and DOUBLE your income in the next 12-24 months.

What We’ll Accomplish Together…

By the end of your Strategy Session with our Career Development Specialists you will have a personalized step-by-step trail map that will show you how to use the Modern Job Hunt method to land a job you love that pays what you’re worth in as little as 30-days, systematically and predictable advance your career every 90-days that will allow you to DOUBLE your income in 12 months!

Let’s Get Started…
We’re excited to join you on this expedition as we conquer this mountain together! Our approach is very simple. You can enroll into our Essential Membership Plan today for Free for 3-days and we match you with a Dedicated Career Development Specialist who will serve as a your Executive Recruiter, Strategic Advisor and Job Search Guide…your Sherpa. They’ll prepare you with the strategies, skills and tools you need to start getting a stream of premium job offers in as little as 6-weeks without relying on job boards, recruiters or outdated networking strategies.

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