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$1,500 Rapid Re-Employment Scholarship

You are currently eligible to receive a $1,500 Rapid Re-Employment Scholarship to receive outplacement services to help you quickly transition back into the workforce.  Learn how to get premium interviews and job offers “On-Demand” WITHOUT relying on resumes, online job boards and outdated networking strategies by using Modern Job Hunting methods and Advanced Career Development Strategies.

Your Plan Includes:

  • Determine the best “Plan of Attack” to increase your chances to win your unemployment claim.

  • Create work search plan with “Approved” work search activities that meet unemployment eligibility requirements.

  • Use Modern Job Hunt methods to REDUCE the time it takes to land a job by as much as 75%

  • ATTRACT recruiters in any field to access premium job opportunities not found on job boards

  • Optimize your resume to get passed ANY “Applicant Tracking Systems” to DRASTICALLY increase the number of callbacks and interviews.

Total Value: $1,691
…Redeem for Only $1.00
No Monthly Charge, No Contracts, No Hidden Fees

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Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover

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