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Help vulnerable and “at-risk” people such as:

  • Victims of Domestic Violence

  • Survivors of Human Trafficking

  • Disabled American Veterans

  • Convicted felons recently released from prison

  • Young adults in vulnerable communities

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As a Career Development Specialist, Your Responsibilities Include:

  • Helping your clients zero in on the perfect career alignment they uniquely made for in 1-hour or less using simple market research tools
  • Creating a Strategic Game Plan for your clients with a clear path of advancement to ensure they don’t end up in a low paying dead-end job
  • Helping your clients create a Digital Brand to establish authority & credibility without relying on just resumes and cover letters.
  • Helping your clients leverage social media networks and automation tools to get a stream of interviews and job offers without applying to online job boards.
  • Instill good habits into your clients and help them maintain the momentum needed to create lasting change in their lives and careers
  • Conducting 30-Minute Consultations with Prospective Clients to determine if they’re a good candidate for you to work with
  • 1-Hour Strategy Sessions with New Clients to give them a clear path on how to achieve their career goals
  • Conducting Group Sessions with all of your clients on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to answer questions and address problems that your clients are struggling with
  • Conducting Client Follow-Ups to see how your client is progressing and help keep them on track with their career development
  • Meeting with Prospective Hiring Partners to educate business owners on Federal Work Opportunity Tax Credits and other federal or state programs to create job opportunities for your clients
  • Meeting with Prospective Community Partners, such as churches, vocational training centers and job placement agencies that work with vulnerable clients where you will host and facilitate Workshops in the areas of career guidance, skills development, and employer hiring events. (Workshops may be done in-person and online)

Qualifications to Become a Career Development Specialist:
• Desire to help those experiencing poverty here in the U.S. and abroad
• Good interpersonal skills
• Those who are good at managing their time to complete projects according to deadlines
• Self-starter who works well under limited direction
• Someone with strong organization skills that knows how to take a systematic approach to every task
• Active learners who are willing and able to acquire knowledge and it to their job.
• Proficient computer skills including the use of applications like Microsoft Word or PowerPoint

Why Should you Become a Career Development Specialist?

Here in the U.S. there are over 100 million people living in or near the poverty line who are transitioning from one low-paying job to another….stuck in a cycle of poverty. This creates a huge opportunity for you to help them and earn a great living!


“Turn your Passion for Social Justice into a Rewarding Career!”

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