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Discover the #1 Mistake to Avoid that will Save you THOUSANDS of Dollars
( …and the Secret that Executive Recruiters Don’t Want you to Know to Get Premium Job Offers FAST! )

If you’re here with me today, you’ve just gone through one of the toughest days in your career.

You know…that day when your supervisor called you into their office and said something like…

“Look, this is really hard for me because I really care about you…”. 

Within a few minutes, you find out that you’ve just been laid off.

When this happens, most of us essentially go into a state of shock. We become overwhelmed by a range of emotions.

We’re angry, we’re sad and possibly even a bit hurt. — Not to mention we’re worried.

Thoughts start going through your head like…

…”How can they do this to me?!”

…”How am I going to tell the family?!!”

…”How am I going to pay the bills?!!!”

We end up walking away in a trance…no questions asked — sometimes with severance pay, sometimes with nothing at all.

We go home and over the next few days we try to process what just happened…HOPEFULLY with a nice bottle of wine.

Once the shock wears off we give ourselves a little pep talk, update our resume so we can hit the job boards, contact a few recruiters and reach out to your professional network.

If this is what you’re doing or planning to do…stop!

When you get laid-off you need a completely different approach…a totally different strategy.

Going on the job hunt is the number 1 mistake made by people who have just been “Laid-Off”.  A mistake that can cost you THOUSANDS of dollars!

Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t go on the job hunt…of course you should.

I’m just saying that when you get laid off you can’t rely on traditional job hunting methods like using job boards or Executive Recruiters.

And the reason I know this is because for the past 10 years, I’ve helped over 15,000 people just like you, get premium job offers without relying on resumes or online job boards.

For those of you that don’t who I am or why you should listen to me, let me formally introduce myself.

My name is Michelle Huo and I’m the CEO and Lead Recruiter here at Digital Advocates.

We’re an outplacement service provider that companies hire to help the employees they terminate to quickly transition back into the workforce.

We do this by helping you access UNLISTED job opportunities you won’t find on any online job board…which means little to no competition.

Premium job opportunities that typically pay an average of 20% higher!

But first, let me explain WHY you can’t rely on traditional job hunting methods when you get laid-off.

Why you Can’t Rely on Traditional Job Hunting Methods when you Get Laid-Off

You see. Today’s job market is EXTREMELY competitive.

Indeed.com reports that there are over 250 million people that visit their site EACH month.

There are less than 6 million people who are unemployed, which means over 95% of the job hunters are gainfully employed who are either looking to advance their career or just unhappy with their current job. You’ll see why this is important in a sec.

What you have to understand is when a company posts a job online, they’ll get hundreds and sometimes THOUSANDS of applications.

Companies use sophisticated software to sort through and eliminate 80% of the applicants who don’t meet requirements. Then they begin conducting a series of interviews.

Let’s say you made it through a round or two of interviews. At this stage the company is left with a handful candidates who all have the skills and experience needed to do the job.

Obviously the company wants to hire the BEST candidate for the job.

And the fastest and easiest way to determine this is by seeing who the candidates are currently working for and what their current job performance is like.

As soon as the company discovers that you were laid-off, your chances to land that job drops dramatically.

Companies are going to automatically assume you were let go from your previous employer due to poor performance or didn’t get along with management.

Either way, they don’t want to risk hiring someone else’s problem and even if you have a legitimate explanation, they’re not interested in listening …It’s not personal.

Which is why getting laid off makes it 10 times harder to land a good job.

In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics when you get laid-off, it will take an average of 6-months to land a job. 9-months if you looking for a senior level management position.

What makes matters worse is that you can also expect to take a pay cut between 15% – 25%.

Because when a company finds out that you were laid-off, they know you’re desperate and will be able to hire you for less money.

Again..it’s not personal.

I’m not here just tell you how bad everything is.

I’m just trying to help you understand that when you get laid-off, you can NOT use traditional job hunting methods and outdated strategies and expect to land a job that pays what you’re worth.

Because If you do, it will take you 3 times longer to land a job. Which means you’ll end up losing between 4 to 7 months of income.

Which for some of you here today can mean a loss of tens of thousands of dollars.

And for 78% percent of the people here in the U.S. who have less than $1,000 in savings. This can be devastating.

The Good News is that it doesn’t have to be this way!

The Modern job hunt method is nothing like the traditional job hunting methods you’ve been using. We’re going to share with you 3 Secrets that that Executive Recruiters don’t want you to know…

Secret #1: We’re going to show you how to ethically steal premium job interviews from your competitors anytime you need a job, raise OR promotion.

Secret #2: You’re going to learn how to get job offers in as little as 45-minutes…During your initial phone interview!

Secret #3: Then we’re going to show you How to get employers to give you a sign-on bonus up to 25% of your first year salary WITHOUT having to negotiate.

The Modern Job Hunt isn’t some new fad or something I pulled out of a hat one day.

You want to know the secret?

The Modern Job Hunt method is actually a PROVEN 5-Step Process that Executive Recruiters like me use everyday to work with companies to CREATE jobs for our clients.

A process recruiters from all around the world use to work with companies to uncover and create THOUSANDS of jobs each and every day.

All I’m going to do is teach you how to use this process to create jobs for yourself.

That’s the secret.

Once you learn how to the Modern Job Hunt Method, you’ll be able to get Premium Job Offers “On-Demand” to land a job you LOVE that pays what your worth in a fraction of the time.

I know we’re meeting on one of the roughest days in your career, but today we have the opportunity to begin mapping out a personalized plan that will lead to one of the best days of your life.

Again…my name is Michelle Huo, I look forward to working with you and watch your career flourish in the days ahead.

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