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“Get a Pay Raise with Every New Skill you Learn”

Digital Advocates partners with established 501c3 Non-Profit organizations to offer  “Earn while you Learn”  Apprenticeship Programs designed with progressive wage increases as skill benchmarks attained by apprentices. Progressive wage increases help reward and motivate apprentices as they advance through their training.

Our  Apprenticeship Programs are on-the-job training programs designed to move a student from a low or no skill entry-level digital marketing position to full occupational proficiency as a Digital Advocacy Professional by mapping the skills and knowledge that the apprentice must learn over the course of the program with help from a Certified Professional Coach to mentor and guide them.

Apprentices receive up to 1-hour of related instruction that complements on-the-job learning each day. This instruction delivers the technical and workforce competencies that apply to the digital advocacy position. We collaborate with our Authorized Non-Profit Hiring Partners to develop the curriculum based on the skills and knowledge needed by apprentices.

Every graduate of one of our Digital Advocate Apprenticeship programs receives a Certificate of Completion that demonstrates to employers that the apprentices have mastered cores skills needed and have all the knowledge needed to be fully proficient as a Digital Advocacy Professional.


Dara Rosenberg, our Lead Trainer will first take you through our “Digital Bootcamp”, whichis a prep-course designed for those with no prior experience as a Digital Advocate by equipping them with the minimum skills and competencies needed to Guarantee Placement into our 1-Year Apprenticeship Program.

Our Digital Bootcamp is designed around the Non-Profit Hiring Partner you will be assigned to work with.  This 6-week program can be completed in just 1-hour a day and is a prerequisite before you can officially start the 1-Year Apprenticeship Program.

It’s required to ensure everyone is able to hit the ground running when they start the Apprenticeship Program. This ensures that everyone understands basic industry terms, knows their way around the different social media platforms, how to use basic marketing automation tools and the proper etiquette when posting online and sending emails.

“For someone without no experience in this field, this is the PERFECT  introduction into the world of Digital Advocacy”

The “Digital Bootcamp” is a Great Way for Participants to:

  • Qualify to meet the minimum standards for our 1-Year Apprenticeship Program.
  • Get a start on your Apprenticeship Training with our Non-Profit Hiring Partners
  • Understand common terminology and work-readiness skills employers desire
  • Guaranteed placement into our Apprenticeship Programs with our Non-Profit Hiring Partners

Once you successfully complete our Digital Bootcamp, you will be able to start our “Earn while you Learn” Apprentice Program and officially launch your career as a Digital Advocate. As an added reward for completing the Digital Bootcamp, you will be given a $300 bonus which will be added to your 1st pay check working with our Non-Profit Hiring Partner!

ZERO Tuition Due Policy…
(No Tuition is Due until you Start Making $42,000 a Year or More)

Digital Advocates does not charge our students a tuition until our students start earning $42,000 a year or more. Our ZERO Tuition Due policy was created to prevent unsustainable debt and to align the goals between us and our students. We truly are your Success Partners!

Here are the key features of our ZERO Tuition Due Program:

  • Tuition Fee: $12,500 one-time payment or $347 a month for 36 months

  • Minimum income threshold:  If you are accepted into the program, your payment threshold is set at $20 an Hour. This means you do not have to pay your monthly tuition fee until you start earning a minimum of $20 an hour or $42,000 a year!

  • Deferment period: If a student’s income is below the minimum income, your account is considered to be in a deferment status, meaning students make no payments, but the remaining number of monthly payments is not getting shorter.


How to Get Started as an Digital Advocate Apprentice