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We are the Premier Staffing + Recruiting Agency that specializes in Helping Job Hunters Get 6-Figure Job Offers WITHOUT Relying on Resumes, Online Job Boards and Outdated Networking Strategies While Impacting the World from Anywhere in the World!

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Are you Tired of….

  • Spending hours tweaking your resume and obsessing over what details to include or remove, the font size or formatting?
  • Subscribing to online job boards and wasting hours a day filling out application to companies that don’t have the courtesy to call you back.
  • Reaching out to your Professional Network on LinkedIn in hopes of uncovering job opportunities, only to be promised the world and never to hear back from them again.

If this is you, you’re not alone…

Did you know….

  • If you recently lost your job it takes an average of 6-months to land a job (9-months if you were in Senior Level Management)
  • Each month there are OVER 250 million people looking for jobs who have recently lost their jobs or are unhappy where they’re currently employed?
  • For every job posting a company will receive an average of 250 applications and 90% of the applications sumbitted are NEVER seen?
  • 84% of the jobs listed on job boards don’t pay enough to meet the standard cost of living and the other 16% of the “Good” Jobs are require a college degree or 2-year certification program.

Millions are struggling to Survive and it’s not their fault…

Our well meaning friends, family and even career counselors are giving us outdated advice that may have worked over 10 years ago…But in today’s job market, that advice will only put you back in a similar position you as a commodity at a company where you’re going to be miserable. A place where you’re going to be undervalued, underappreciated and more than likely…underpaid.

The Good News…It doesn’t have to be this way.

There are actually more job opportunities available in today’s job market than there are applicants. You just need to know where to find them…and here’s a hint: it’s NOT going to be on job boards.

In fact, job boards are the LAST place employers go to find qualified candidates.

Today’s Job Market is a treacherous mountain you can’t climb using the traditional corporate ladder with pitfall and obstacles you MUST AVOID.

To help job hunters get acclimated to today’s treacherous job market, we help you establish your Basecamp, which is the foundation you need to Create an All-Star Linkedin Profile to ATTRACT Hiring Managers an Executive Recruiters to Access UNLISTED Job Opportunities you Won’t Find on ANY Job Boards.

And Optimize your Resume to Hack the Employer’s Applicant Tracking Systems and Grab the Hiring Manager’s Attention in 6-Seconds WITHOUT Wasting THOUSANDS to hire a Professional Resume Writer when I can show you how to do it yourself in as little as 15-minutes! 

Our Foundation program, known as Basecamp is designed for those who wish to take a [Passive] approach to job hunting and career development while using best practices to REDUCE the time it takes to land a job so you don’t have to struggle to survive. 

[Digital Advocates] offers advanced training and coaching programs that ANYONE can use to achieve their career goals in a fraction of the time…

How would you like to do more than just survive…but THRIVE?!! 

For you high achievers out there who are willing to invest 30-minutes to an hour a day to take a [Proactive] approach to your job hunting and career development we’ll take you on a 30-Day excursion a little higher up the mountain by helping you setup a PROVEN system to use the [Modern Job Hunt] method to generate consistent and predictable stream of Premium Job Offers WITHOUT relying on resumes, cover letters, online job boards and even Executive Recruiters like me, that ultimately position you as a commodity.  

Once your system up up and running, you our Certified Career Development Specialists will be able to help you use innovative  strategies, which we refer to as [Career Hacking], which is the ultimate shortcut to help Ascend to the top of your field 10X faster and Increase your Income by as much as 50% in as Little as 90-days…REGARDLESS of your education background or work experience!

Getting 6-Figure Job Offers and Ascending to the Top of your Field in a Fraction of the Time is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

Let me formally introduce myself. My name is Michelle Huo and I’ve been an Executive Recruiter since 2007.  I’ve worked with over 15,000 people from all over the world to help them land their dream jobs.

As an executive recruiter I work with companies that have job openings that need to be filled. Companies pay me to find the PERFECT candidate for them that has the right skills, experience and qualifications who would be a good fit for their organizations management style and culture.

I’m essentially a Match-Maker.

Over the past 10 years I’ve reviewed TENS of THOUSANDS resumes and countless LinkedIn Profiles to find the Right Candidates for HUNDREDS of companies.

To help you ATTRACT Recruiters, I’m going to help you see things from the perspective of a Recruiter.

By understanding how WE Think, what we look for and how we conduct our searches to find the perfect candidate, you’ll be able to create an All-Star Linkedin Profile to ATTRACT recruiters and optimize your Resume to Hack Applicant Tracking Systems and Grab the Attention of Hiring Managers in 6-Seconds.

Won’t that be cool?

Instead of having to chase down Hiring Managers and Recruiters for a job, they’ll be reaching out to you!

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