• Victims of Domestic Violence

  • Survivors of Human Trafficking

  • Disabled American Veterans

  • Convicted Felons Needing a Fresh Start

  • “At Risk” Youth Between the Ages of 18-30

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Recently Lost your Job? Become a Career Development Specialist
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Register for our FREE 30-minute orientation on how to “Become a Career Development Specialist in as little as 6-weeks” even if you have no prior experience in the field. In this orientation we’ll introduce you to an “Earn While You Learn” training program that will pay you up to $39,600 your first year…as a student!

We’ll show you how to get Guaranteed Placement with a Nonprofit organization in as little as 24-hours…without having to submit a resume!

Starting Pay Rate: $15 an Hour
Ending Pay Rate: Up to $25 an Hour
Location: Remote
Experience Level: Entry Level
Training Period: 3- 12 Months
Job Placement: Yes*
Attend our NEW 30-Minute Orientation

Primary Responsibilities

  • CLIENT LEADERSHIP: Your sole purpose is to provide leadership and guidance to our clients as they work to accelerate through the career development process to secure work they love and the compensation they deserve.

  • RELATIONSHIP FOCUSED: Exceptional communication skills and a genuine love of building relationships, understanding and serving others are critical to success in this role. We provide world-class support and leadership to our clients, which all begins with understanding that we are building a relationship focused on what’s best for them.

  • CASE MANAGEMENT: This includes managing the on-boarding process, leading client success, identifying and overcoming hurdles, process improvement, proactive counsel and preparation for team meetings.

Why Should you Become a Career Development Specialist?

Attend our NEW 30-Minute Orientation